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Conditions I Treat
Conditions I Treat
What are clients saying?
What are clients saying?
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Remedial Massage Brisbane CBD

My mission is to raise the bar in the industry and provide the highest quality Remedial Massage in Brisbane CBD. My aim is to help 1000’s upon 1000’s of people reduce pain, move freely and achieve their goals.

If you are suffering from pain in one of the following areas I can dramatically help you.

  • Poor Posture, sore and achy back?
  • Tension Headaches, tight neck?
  • Shoulder Pain, sharp, dull and achy?
  • Sciatic Pain in your butt?
  • Gym injury, can’t train?
  • Pulled a muscle
  • Hamstring strain?
  • Stressed and tight?
  • Fatigue, long-term pain sufferer?

Are you searching for a Remedial Massage Brisbane Therapist in Brisbane CBD that specializes in Pain Relief? Are Sports Massage therapists in Brisbane CBD not living up to your expectations?

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Excessive Sitting

In all the years that I have been Massaging there has never been a case where pain hasn’t been reduced.  In this day in age, it amazes me how many people live in pain and just put up with it, I can tell you honestly you don’t have to!

Pain is quite often at the end of a long list of events that are happening within someone’s body.  There are common themes that I see in the clinic that effect the general population such as:

Excessive Sitting, which causes postural imbalances, which causes muscles to become weak and others to become crazily tight, which results in pain.  The image below illustrates clearly the imbalances that occur.

Upper Crossed Syndrome

Upper Crossed Syndrome plagues society and I would have to say that most people I see are expressing some form of it.  The key point about this pattern that a lot of therapists don’t get is that there are WEAK muscles that should NOT be Massaged because they are already weak and they don’t need to be stretched or released as that will reinforce the weakness.

Lower Crossed Syndrome

Another pattern that plagues society is the Lower Crossed Syndrome, which is the mirror of the Upper Crossed Syndrome discussed previously.  Once again there are tight and weak lines expressing themselves through one’s musculature and the point that I want to reinforce is that Therapists should NOT massage weak muscles as this will further destabilize and weaken the body, but I think this is not the case, Therapists tend to rub the whole body.

Simply put you can’t just massage the whole body and hope for the best, the treatment needs to be tailored specifically to the client and the pattern you are expressing to make long and lasting effects.

Don't Massage Weak Muscles

The above two syndromes form the backdrop from which I work, the reason as mentioned previously is that because of our modern lifestyle we all have an expression of the Upper Cross and Lower Cross Syndromes and as a result, pain follows close behind.

That is why it is so important to assess your situation, understand your pain and imbalances intimately and from that point develop a treatment plan specific to you.

You don’t have to live in Pain, it can be improved, reduced, eliminated.

About Me?

I have been working as a Therapist for over 10 years and during that time I have worked in multiple top class clinics in Australia and alongside many amazing Remedial Massage Brisbane CBD Therapists, Myotherapists and Muscular Skeletal Therapists, HOWEVER out of all them there has only ever been 1 therapist that took my breath away.

The best news is this amazing therapist that I speak of shared his ninja techniques with me of which I have been honing for years now, which I am so grateful for.

The point that I am trying to make is, I understand how hard it is to find an amazing Remedial Therapist in Brisbane that actually gets a result, as mentioned I also have suffered from this problem working in clinics across Australia.  I can’t imagine how hard it is for someone outside of the industry.

Searching for Remedial Massage in Brisbane?

Have you been searching for a Remedial Massage Therapist in Brisbane with no luck? I know how you feel!

If you feel frustrated you have come to the right place, there is Massage and then there is Massage. I have over 10 years experience treating every type of pain there is and has an extremely high success rate at resolving even the toughest of conditions. Let us dive into what is Remedial Massage Brisbane Therapy!


Remedial Massage is a term that covers a wide range of soft tissue techniques that aim to make a change to the tissue, muscle, tendons, ligaments, fascia etc with the goal to become pain-free and move well.

A Remedial Massage Brisbane CBD Treatment Session is structured in the following way.

Assessment – looking at movement patterns, Range of motion, Posture, Restrictions, discussing the pain in detail, where it is, how long have you had it, what did you do.  Client history forms are also filled in during the first visit, to collect data about your history and any other important information that would help put the puzzle together.


Analysis – A + B = C – Designing a Plan of Attack to solve the Problem.  Generally, I start from the source of your pain and work out with the goal of reducing the pain as quickly as possible.  From that point, we start to reverse engineer the problem to tackle the underlying cause.  This is where the Pattern Analysis is so important.


Each treatment is designed specifically for you the client, based on the assessment and the analysis we systematically tailor our approach to make the most impact as quickly as possible.

As mentioned the body is wound up in patterns and shapes which result in a lack of mobility which causes restrictions and adhesion’s throughout the body.

I typically start at the source of the pain and then work out, with the pattern as the backdrop.  The goal is to make a long and lasting change.

The treatment is as up much about education as it is hands-on treatment so that you acquire the skills to make the change sustainable long into the future.

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