Do you have a strained calf?

Do you have a calf tear, or feel like you have pulled or strained your calf muscle?  This typically occurs when you accelerate quickly, like when you try to sprint and run fast from a standing start.

Sometimes you might hear a pop sound, then your calf swells and sometimes bruises.  Types of tears:

  • Grade 1:  Micro tear, muscle stretched and rehab could be a couple of weeks at best.
  • Grade 2:  Partial tear, recovery up to 6-8 weeks
  • Grade 3:  The worse of the lot, full recovery can take 3-4 months.

How to treat? read on.

Calf Tear?

The good news is the calf will repair itself in time and the torn muscle fibres will fully re-attach as long as you look after calf with a little bit of love.

Using ICE immediately can be effective however as the days go by HEAT is preferred.  I have found that some gentle trigger point work as part of one’s rehab program can be very effective, specifically rolling the soleus.

Sore Calves

Lastly, it is important to re-align the fibres of the calf and this is achieved through eccentric exercizes, kind of like a calf raise on one foot (the sore leg).

One raises up on both feet, then lifts the good foot off the ground and gently lowers down to the start position.

This exercize is extremely effective to re-organize the tissue and align the muscle fibres.

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