Chronic Hip Pain?
Hip Pain Specialist!

Glute Pain Remedial Massage Specialist

Are you suffering from ongoing pain deep in your hip?  Are you struggling to find a Hip Pain Specialist in Brisbane?

Somewhere deep down that no Therapist can find? This deep pain that you have in your hip is often related to overloading the intrinsic muscles that rotate your leg, commonly known as the ‘rotators.

In many cases, I have seen clients who have had scans, X-rays, MRI’s etc to find nothing wrong structurally with the hip. Hint… it’s the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Xrays only show bony abnomalities!

Chronic Hip Pain specialist

The intrinsic muscles of the hip or the rotators are quite difficult to access for the average therapist and often aren’t treated at all during a session and
hence why your pain persists, this where I can help.

It takes an intuitive and experienced practitioner to effectively access these areas and I assure you that the pain you are feeling will be pin pointed
and systematically assessed and treated with the goal of long-term permanent relief.

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