Struggling with Plantar Fascitis?

Plantar Fascitis Specialist in Brisbane

Have you resolved your Plantar Fascitis?  How long have you had it?  What have you been doing to treat it?  Is it still there?  Is it affecting the way you are running?  Has it started to create other imbalances in your body?

If you are struggling to find a Remedial Massage Therapist in the Brisbane CBD that specializes in Plantar Fascitis look no further.  To re-assure yourself read some of the testimonials on my website, you will see for yourself that there can be change.

Foot Pain Fixed

As you probably know Plantar Fascitis can plague people for long periods of time and significantly impact the lives of the sufferers.  Stopping them from running and in some cases impacting the way walk, which consequently starts to cause issues in the opposite leg.

The way I treat starts with looking at your patterns and imbalances, once identified we develop a tailored plan to systematically achieve our goal, such as running that half marathon, 5km park runs, getting back to the gym or playing with the kids.

I will also give you tips, tricks, and exercizes to do, which you use to create momentum to the turn the corner and make the changes long-lasting and sustainable.

The clinic is nestled in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, Plantar Fascitis

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