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Sports Massage Brisbane Specialist

Sports Massage Brisbane Therapists are a dime a dozen but the question I have is, what separates the good from the best?

My goal for this page is to explore the various types of sporting injuries, providing videos, articles, case studies and testimonials.

I will articulate in an easy to understand ‘way’, and explore the landscape of various injuries, defining strategies to implement into your daily life, giving you tools, techniques, and exercizes that are easy to do, effective and safe.

Best Sports Massage Brisbane

Does your Sports Massage Therapist do the following:

  • Thorough Assessment
  • Listen to you
  • Tailor a specific Treatment Plan
  • Teach rehab exercizes, foam rolling, trigger point exercizes
  • Educate you about your injury
  • Helps you achieve your goals

For an injury to be resolved there needs to be a plan that addresses both the weakness and tightness throughout the kinetic chain.  If a Sports Massage therapist focuses entirely on loosening the body, unfortunately, He is missing 50% of the puzzle, which is activation.

The other issue is a weak muscle should not be massaged as one will create further slack in already weak tissue, therefore compounding the weakness further.  I can’t emphasize enough that a good old fashioned full body  ‘rub’ for an injury can be harmful, and I feel that a lot of Sports Massage Therapist Brisbane do treat this way.

To summarize, a Sports Massage needs to be tailored specifically to the individual and the injury, releasing tight lines and activating weak lines throughout the body, then educating the client how to do this between coming in for treatments, therefore making the results sustainable and achievable.

For more information visit the Remedial Massage page.

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