I was referred to Just Knead It by my Physiotherapist in response to a lack of movement in my left arm and shoulder as a result of Surgery to
reattach the tendon torn from the top of my shoulder.The Surgeon and another Doctor had declared the shoulder to be partially frozen 4
months after the operation and me being involved in an intensive rehab program throughout that period.Looking at a possible 18 months
recovery , Wade approached me and said he thought he could overcome this lack of mobility.The results of his deep muscle intensive
therapy and follow-up exercises have led to me having a full recovery from a serious shoulder operation after a further 4 months .I am now
back at work and full credit must go to Wade for this outcome. Of all the Physios ,Gym trainers, Masseuse and Acupuncturists, his
techniques,due diligence and persistence paid off allowing me to enjoy the full range of movement and quality of life I have today.

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