What to expect in your first session

I will show you exactly what the customer journey looks like.  I guarantee that I will leave no stone unturned as I detail specifically what your first session looks and feels like.

Step 1: Arriving at the clinic

  • 127 Creek Street Brisbane, take the lift to level 22
  • Walk to the reception area and ask for Wade the Massage Guy
  • If you are a new client the receptionist will give you a new client form to fill in.  If you are a loyal client, have a seat and relax on the couch, I won’t be too far away.
  • Meet and greet, step right this way.

Step 2: Consultation and Assessment

  • Discuss you and your situation in detail
  • Movement, assess your ranges of motion
  • Special tests, to rule out the nasty’s
  • Goals, define what it is that you want to achieve

Step 3: Treatment Plan

  • Specifically tailored plan aligned with your goals
  • Patterns identified
  • Restrictions and adhesions identified
  • Goals articulated
  • Start at the source of your pain and reverse engineer

Step 4: The Treatment

The treatment is a tailored systematic process that is unique to each person treated, however, there are definite themes.

  • Treatment plan and goals are paramount
  • The hands-on work is deep, deliberate, slow and effective
  • There is movement, there is deep breathing, there is change
  • Communication, there is an active dialogue during the process

Step 5: Post Treatment, what happens next?

  • Self release exercizes and described
  • Trigger point exercizes are demonstrated
  • Questions answered
  • Treatment plan discussed, recommendations made.

For specific information regarding Remedial Massage click here

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