Struggling to find a Massage Therapist?
We Treat All Kinds of People
From Busy and Stressed City Workers
To Runners and Athletes

Exceptional Massage Therapists that are hand-picked from the Best in Brisbane

Our focus is pain relief, deep tissue massage, sports massage and stress management.

If you suffer from muscular soreness and stiffness, or any other type of muscular injury or ache then one of our Therapists can definitely help

Some of the common complaints that we treat every day in the clinic include:

  • Upper back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Hip pain
  • RSI – Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Migraines and headaches,
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Knee pain
  • Poor flexibility and Mobility
  • Sports injuries
  • And everyday muscle fatigue, aches and pains
  • and lifestyle stress

If you are searching for a Remedial Massage Clinic in Brisbane that specializes in Pain Relief?  Give us a call on 0406 016 556

Wade the Massage Guy is the founder of KINETIC Remedial Massage & Corrective Exercize.

All of our Therapists are fully insured, hold a diploma in Remedial Massage, which enables you to claim on the spot if you have cover for Remedial Massage with your private health fund.

Passionately helping 100's of people just like you out of pain

Remedial Massage Brisbane Clinic with a biomechanical twist

At Wade the Massage Guy you will receive a one-on-one assessment from a diploma qualified Remedial Massage Therapist,  who is experienced in deep tissue and remedial massage treatments.

The Massage Therapist takes notes for each and every client they see. This ensures we are able to progress your health quickly and keep track of your progress in each session.

Health fund rebates do apply if you are covered for “Remedial Massage” and HICAPS is available in the clinic for on the spot refunds making Remedial Massage at Wade the Massage Guy’s very cost-effective and convenient.

All of Wade the Massage Guy’s team are trained by Wade himself once hired to ensure that all Massage therapists treat in a similar manner to give an outstanding Remedial Massage treatment to every single client.

It doesn’t matter which therapist you see in our clinic you will notice a very similar style of massage and you will be happy with every therapist seen.

Wade has spent many years working with some of Australia’s leading physiotherapists, chiropractors and has gained invaluable knowledge and skills from their years of experience, which he applies to all his Remedial Massage treatments and therapist training.

Our boutique Remedial Massage Clinic sets itself high expectations to provide exceptional service and amazing results, google us and read what our customers are saying.

Services We Offer


You will receive a one on one assessment from a Diploma Qualified Remedial Massage Therapist who is extremely experienced in Deep Tissue Massage

Our signature style of Deep Tissue Massage is quite different to your average Deep Tissue, it really has to be experienced to know the difference.

The art of Deep Tissue Massage is something we pride ourselves on in the clinic.  You won’t be dissappointed.



We pride ourselves on our Sports Massage skills, our Massage Therapists have worked with numerous Sports teams, including The Wallabies, The Queensland Reds, The Bronco’s, Olympians, you are in good hands.

On a weekly basis we see runners, cyclists, triathletes, power lifters, cross fitters, and many more.

What makes us unique is our biomechanical know how.



All of our Massage Therapists hold a Diploma in Remedial Massage if you are suffering from muscular tightness, soreness or pain or injury we can help.t

unsure how to choose the Best Massage Clinic? read our 5 STAR GOOGLE Reviews – click HERE


30 MINS – $60

A great option for quick relief

45 MINS – $90

Most Popular Appointment Slot

A great option for all types

60 MINS – $110

This is a 60 minute massage, for full body treatment

90 MINS – $160

This is a 90 minute massage, great for working out many aches and pains

120 MINS – $210

This is a 120 minute massage of pure indulgence


  • review rating 5  I booked in to see Sean after having quite intense pain in my legs which was the result of resuming exercise after a long break. Sean was an absolute professional in identifying the problem, explaining the issues and then applying skill and expertise for one of the best massages/treatment that I’ve had. Sean took the time to listen to everything that I said and through his own intuitiveness, was able to find the issues in my legs and release all the tension. Sean is highly qualified, incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. I’m looking forward to future treatments with Sean.

    thumb Alli Bennett

    review rating 5  Claire was great. Went in with a few (a lot) pain points and Claire could easily identify where the problem areas are and which muscles are under or over compensating. Your knots are worked on until they’re released which is just what’s required. Thanks Claire!

    thumb Steven Hanani

    review rating 5  Have been going to Wade for over a year and he and his team are great. I get pretty tight from lifting weights / office work all week and Wade and the team keep me in the gym, pain free. They have a fantastic knowledge of anatomy and are able to find just the right muscles to work. Would recommend them to anyone.

    thumb Benn Cizauskas
  • review rating 5  Simply the best massage / remedial massage I have had. I've had issues with a tight groin, hamstrings, shoulders and subsequently a sore neck. I am so fortunate to have Wade on my team. He is a lovely bloke, holistic in his approach to offering advice when away from the massage table and absolutely improves my quality of life. I have seen and experience a direct link between his work and an improvement in my well being.

    thumb William Douglas

    review rating 5  Highly recommend!! Wade is an excellent massage therapist!! My first visit I could hardly turn my head, my neck and shoulders was so tight. Wade knew straight away where the problem is and worked right away where the pain is. My neck and shoulders have been so much better. He even gives you plenty of tips on posture and stretches to help!

    thumb Vicky Tang

    review rating 5  I've seen Wade a few times now for both injury and pain and have nothing but absolutely positive feedback. 🙌 Each time I have left feeling better and totally confident in his skills and expertise. My back has given me grief my whole life, and I work in the health industry so I have tried everything over the years but will now only go straight to Wade. Finally someone who understands the bigger picture of pain and discomfort, biomechanics of the body and who actually gets in there and fixes it - Not just fluffs around the area and moves on! I wanted to add to his list of 5 star reviews because he deserves them! Keep up the good work mate 👌

    thumb Adrian Potter
  • review rating 5  Extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Provides an outstanding service. Very well researched and trained and truly understands how the body works. Easily the best treatment I’ve received and I’ve seen a few physios and massage therapists. Would definitely recommend and will certainly be back. Thanks Wade!

    thumb Jennifer BIlesky

    review rating 5  Found Wade after referral from my PT and have seen him several times now for treatment of a knee bursitis issue. Wade explained carefully the issue re body structures and has done trigger point therapy and massage to release my pain points and help strengthen my weakness areas. The early results and exercises I’ve been given so far have lead to a lot better result than the Physio I had been using beforehand. Highly recommend Wade to anyone, especially any runners out there

    thumb Geoff Russell

    review rating 5  Claire is awesome!!! With cronic pain & tightness associated with OA in my hips, Claire works wonders & greatly improves my ability to walk straighter & with less pain. Sessions are very intense, however she really explains the link between each of the muscles & areas involved - all with goal to improve mobility. Sessions are not limited to time on the table, as she pro-actively explains strengthening exercises & provides a insights to a holistic treatment plan. Definitely the best & most beneficial Remedial Massages I've ever had.

    thumb Charmaine Grove
  • review rating 5  I highly recommend Wade! I first saw Wade for help with a shoulder niggle and now not only is my shoulder so much better but my entire back feels more relaxed and healthy. He is so knowledgeable and very happy to share that knowledge with you. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him whether you're suffering from a specific injury/issue or after holistic support!

    thumb Trudi Saul

    review rating 5  Come here on a monthly basis, I see Claire who helps me maintain my lower body issues whilst also providing a lot of insight/advice on body mechanics. Would recommend this place to anyone.

    thumb Matty Richardson

    review rating 5  Wade, you are amazing, thank you so much for diagnosing my hip issue so quickly. Such a simple fix.. thanks for the videos demonstrating the exercises to do at home..... I don't need to amputate my leg at all.... ha ha,

    thumb Merryn Draper
  • review rating 5  I've seen Wade a few times now for both injury and pain and have nothing but absolutely positive feedback. 🙌 Each time I have left feeling better and totally confident in his skills and expertise. My back has given me grief my whole life, and I work in the health industry so I have tried everything over the years but will now only go straight to Wade. Finally someone who understands the bigger picture of pain and discomfort, biomechanics of the body and who actually gets in there and fixes it - Not just fluffs around the area and moves on! I wanted to add to his list of 5 star reviews because he deserves them! Keep up the good work mate 👌

    thumb Adrian Potter

    review rating 5  I recently saw Sean for a long-term, historical SIJ issue. I experienced immediate reduction in pain and continued improvement in my mobility over the following days. Sean is very professional and thorough in his assessment. Sean explained the treatment and I felt comfortable throughout. I'm looking forward to the next session.

    thumb Beverly Dummermuth

    review rating 5  Best masseuse in Brisbane! Claire not only relieved my back pain, but also provided exercises and stretching to ensure the problem remained contained indefinitely. She is extremely professional and I recommend her highly to those looking for a quality practitioner.

    thumb Billy Atmore- Gray
  • review rating 5  Wade knows his stuff. I love the fact that he is clear about your expectations, he explains why he does something and how he does something. He also takes time to tell you how you can do it yourself, and will also send you a video most of the time! And to make things even better, when asked if he wants to see you again the following week (like most physio/chiro/osteos do), he says that he doesn't need to! After many years of researching a good body worker, I can say that I have finally found one!

    thumb Christopher Fenet

    review rating 5  I love Claire’s treatments! She varies them based on what I need and is works to get to the root of the problem. I enjoy her approach and how comfortable she makes you. Would definitely recommend.

    thumb Sarah Wendt

    review rating 5  Claire was and is an absolute lifesaver! After waking up with very minimal movement and pain in my jaw I went to see her for the first time. I can not recommend Claire enough. As a first-timer, I wasn't sure what to expect but I knew I needed quick and effective help. Claire was able to give my jaw relief like no other health professional had done before (I've been struggling with jaw pain on and off for the last 5+ years). She explained things throughout the treatment and followed up with me a few days later which just illustrates how much she cares about her patients. I can't stop recommending my friends and family to her and her magic hands. Without a doubt, if you're in pain and need a good massage therapist. Go and see Claire!

    thumb Melanie B
  • review rating 5  Jean-Luke has been an integral part of my recovery from a pectoral injury, I thoroughly appreciate and enjoy his massages. Love the atmosphere and ambience of the place, looking forward to continuing the experience

    thumb Bryan Hayden

    review rating 5  one word, AMAZING!! Best Massage Clinic in Brisbane!! I suffered from sciatica after having my last baby and in 3 sessions I am completely pain free, its not just the hands on sessions its the education and guidance you receive.. definitely will refer to these guys

    thumb stacey lambert

    review rating 5  Claire is a magician! She has helped with scar tissue on my finger during surgery and alleviated a lot of tension in my back and neck of the past year. I highly recommend both Claire and the team as any issue you are facing (muscle tension, back ache, scar tissue surgery - you name it!) they’ll always help you and know the reasons on how to treat it! Keep up the great job Claire 👏🏻👏🏻

    thumb Caterina Francesca
  • review rating 5  I was lucky enough to get a appointment with Claire on Thursday after suffering a few weeks of neck, shoulder and back pain. She was fantastic and worked through to release my muscles. I hadn’t realised but I was pretty well ceased up!! The difference and relief was amazing. Thank you Claire. I’ll be back....see you in 2 weeks

    thumb Suzie Krieg

    review rating 5  There's a reason I follow Clare wherever she goes! Not only does she listen to where you are having tightness, she then explains what she is going to do, in what order and why it was important before she gets to work. Then she makes sure you are comfortable and explains what she is doing so you understand exactly what your body is doing. Recovering from a broken ankle she has helped me so much with the tightness of my hips and left leg that I've been hobbling on. 100% recommend Clare!

    thumb Sophi Payne

    review rating 5  I’m a regular to the treatment of pain from various physicians-but nothing tops the feeling after walking out of this place.. I’ve just had a treatment with Claire and she has completely put me out of my misery! I got a last minute appointment today by chance she had a cancelation and I’m so grateful because I needed her magic hands! Claire’s approach is sensational she knows exactly what she is doing, gets right to the pain point and works at it from a few different angles! I left my appointment feeling like a new girl and I made 3 more sessions to see her so we can work on other areas!! Highly recommend

    thumb Franky Kennedy
  • review rating 5  Claire gave an amazing massage. She has a unique approach to massage which is extremely effective without the unnecessary pain that some remedial massage people thrive on.She is extremely knowledgeable and was able to determine what my issues were without prompting. Cannot recommend her enough.

    thumb Robert Nobilo

    review rating 5  I saw Wade after struggling with neck and back pain for a few weeks. I can honestly say that from the moment I sat down, I felt I was in excellent hands. He knew the exact spots to target to give me the relief I had been chasing for weeks. Even after one 45 minute session with him, I felt he had made a huge difference. He is knowledgeable and thorough and I'm really looking forward to keeping up a maintenance schedule with him, so I don't have to suffer through weeks of pain again. Thanks Wade!

    thumb Jane Ell

    review rating 5  James is a thorough therapist and not only provides an AMAZING treatment but he also gave me some great advice to take home. Every treatment I end up learning new things about how my body works. Thank you so much, James!

    thumb Jenzo Sadler
  • review rating 5  Katrina was very professional and at the same time made me feel very relaxed. She did an amazing job with my back and my shoulders. Felt envigorated after the session. I'd recommend her services to everybody. Keep up the good work!

    thumb Marisa Contant

    review rating 5  Wonderful treatment with Claire Stasse! Really effective treatment releasing all my chronic trouble spots - halfway through I could easily feel the difference between the two sides of my body. Claire tuned in really well to the issues in my neck and back. 24hrs later I'm much more aware of my posture, and how to move and hold myself. I will definitely be a return customer!

    thumb Kat Fraser

    review rating 5  I have been seeing Claire for everything from my tight hips, upper back and neck. She always does a great job of getting right into the problem areas and releasing the tension making me feel much better. Her informative approach is great as it helps me understand what is going on with my body and she gives you tips and exercises to assist you even further after your session. Thank you Claire 🙂

    thumb L Xox
Remedial Massage in Brisbane City

Sports Massage Therapist – Sports Massage Brisbane Specialists.

The above two syndromes form the backdrop from which We work, the reason as mentioned previously is that because of our modern lifestyle we all have an expression of the Upper Cross and Lower Cross Syndromes and as a result, pain follows close behind, simply put, we have poor posture

That is why it is so important to assess your situation, understand your pain and imbalances intimately and from that point develop a treatment plan specific to you.

  • Over 10 years providing the Best Sports Massage

  • Easy to find in the CBD

You don’t have to live in Pain, it can be improved, reduced, eliminated.

Check out the services we offer here

Wade has been working as a Therapist for over 10 years and during that time He has been fortunate enough to work in multiple top class clinics in Australia and alongside many amazing Myotherapists and Muscular Skeletal Therapists.

What is our Remedial Massage Difference?

Wade understands how difficult it is to find a Remedial Massage Clinic that lives up to their claims. His advice is to read a few of the testimonials on our website to see what others have to say, you can also google Wade the Massage Guy and read more reviews . Wade personally trains his Staff one on one, sharing his trademark hands on skills, knowledge of the body, assessment and treatment planning skills, to ensure that QUALITY is paramount . Each Remedial Massage Therapist or Myotherapist is hand picked and mentored extensively.

Sports Massage Brisbane

Assessment - what separates us in the City

Remedial Massage is a term that covers a wide range of soft tissue techniques that aim to make a change to the tissue, muscle, tendons, ligamentsfascia etc with the goal to become pain-free and move well.

We pride ourselves on being up there with the best Deep Tissue Massage in Brisbane Clinics, and typically it is because of our process, analysis, assessment, tailored treatment plans and quality of care.

Assessment – looking at movement patterns, Range of motion, Posture, Restrictions, discussing the pain in detail, where it is, how long have you had it, what did you do.  Client history forms are also filled in during the first visit, to collect data about your history and any other important information that would help put the puzzle together.

Analysis - Why we are different!

If you have been searching for Massage in Brisbane City clinics and not sure how professional they are or if they conduct an assessment, I understand what you are talking about.

Analysis – A + B = C – Designing a Plan of Attack to solve the Problem.  Generally, We start from the source of your pain and work out with the goal of reducing the pain as quickly as possible.  From that point, we start to reverse engineer the problem to tackle the underlying cause.  This is where the Pattern Analysis is so important.

OUR lofty idea is to RAISE the bar, and to deliver the highest quality of care!

For Prices click here

Remedial Massage in Brisbane

Treatment - Striving to be the BEST in Brisbane

When it comes to Remedial Massage Brisbane, each treatment is designed specifically for you the client, based on the assessment and the analysis we systematically tailor our approach to make the most impact as quickly as possible.

As mentioned the body is wound up in patterns and shapes which result in a lack of mobility which causes restrictions and adhesion’s throughout the body.

We typically start at the source of the pain and then work out, with the pattern as the backdrop.  The goal is to make a long and lasting change.

The treatment is as up much about education as it is hands-on treatment so that you acquire the skills to make the change sustainable long into the future.

Remedial Massage Brisbane
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