Struggling to find a Massage Therapist? We Treat All Kinds of People From Busy and Stressed City Workers To Runners and Athletes

Struggling to find a Massage Therapist? We Treat All Kinds of People From Busy and Stressed City Workers To Runners and Athletes

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Hand Picked Remedial Massage Therapists from the Best in Brisbane

Sports massage

Our Sports Massage Therapists have honed their skills on some of the biggest names: Aus Olympians, The Wallabies, The Reds, just to name a few

Deep tissue massage

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is our forte! It's what we are renowned for!

Remedial Massage Brisbane
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All of our Massage Therapists hold a minimum of a Diploma in Remedial Massage, Myotherapy, or Bachelor of Muscoloskeletal Therapy. Health Fund rebates apply and are applied in clinic.

Tailored Care plans

We understand everyone is unique, and as such, all care plans are tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle.

Detailed Assessment
Bespoke Treatment
Tailored Treatment Plan
Ongoing Support

Exceptional Massage Therapists hand-picked from the Best in Brisbane


What others Are Saying

From people wanting to rid themselves of pain to active individuals wanting to stay healthy, see how our massage services have been helping them stay on top of their health.

Hands down one of the best therapists I’ve ever seen! Claire knows exactly what she is doing. Her technique is super relaxing and gets you that great release, without all that pain you get from other clinics. She has helped me to clear tension and blockages that I’ve had for years. Claire is professional, intuitive, friendly and knowledgeable. On top of all that she gave me some exercises to improve my problem areas. I highly recommend Claire. Book in for treatment at Wades, and you’ll never look back! I’ll never book anywhere else again, it doesn’t get better than this! Thanks Claire, I always look forward to seeing you 🙂
Tess Wollin
I booked in to see Sean after having quite intense pain in my legs which was the result of resuming exercise after a long break. Sean was an absolute professional in identifying the problem, explaining the issues and then applying skill and expertise for one of the best massages/treatment that I’ve had. Sean took the time to listen to everything that I said and through his own intuitiveness, was able to find the issues in my legs and release all the tension. Sean is highly qualified, incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. I’m looking forward to future treatments with Sean.
Ali Bennet
Found Wade after referral from my PT and have seen him several times now for treatment of a knee bursitis issue. Wade explained carefully the issue re body structures and has done trigger point therapy and massage to release my pain points and help strengthen my weakness areas. The early results and exercises I’ve been given so far have lead to a lot better result than the Physio I had been using beforehand. Highly recommend Wade to anyone, especially any runners out there
Geoff Russell
I have been seeing Annika for treatment on my sore/stiff neck. She initially spoke to me about my issues and did an analysis of my posture. The massages have been excellent and I know I am in good hands. At the end of each treatment she gives me stretching exercises to complete between massages. I would recommend Annika without hesitation - she is fantastic!
Jenny Hansen
I’ve been using Nathan’s services for a while now and always send my personal training clients to him. A very knowledgeable therapist who delivers outstanding results.
Jed Reddy
Wade and Sean are literal angels and can pinpoint all of my muscle problems and uses a range of techniques to give relief. They go above and beyond to help you get BETTER, offering advise on how your body works and what could be holding you back from recovery. Cannot recommend highly enough.
Kirstine Diete
I found the staff are so welcoming and friendly. My first session was yesterday with Clare and she was able to get a number of tough knots out of my back and shoulders that have been giving me grief for years in the short 30min session we had. The massage pressure she applied was a ‘good pain’ which is exactly what I needed. I left feeling so relieved and like my posture was realigned. I also don’t feel ‘bruised’ the next day. I highly recommend coming here.
Rose Fowler
I pulled a muscle in the centre of my back at work and knew I needed an expert to look at it. I have had a few massages in my life- this wasn’t a massage as such but by FAR the best money I’ve spent on such a thing! My appointment was with Sean and it was only for 30mins (although it was definitely longer) I felt so much better afterwards and got educated along the way. I will definitely be back and could not recommend these guys enough!
Martin Young
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Frequently asked questions about Remedial Massage, Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage

Pain reduction, increased mobility, stress reduction, improved circulation.

The first session follows the following format:

  • Fill in a client history form, the purpose of the form is to collect specific information about yourself, your history, pain that you are suffering, how long, where, why, what happened etc.
  • Discussion, you and therapist will discuss in more detail about the nature of your issue and what your goals are.
  • Assessment, generally the Remedial Massage Therapist will ask you to move to illustrate where the movement restrictions are and the painful areas.  The Therapist will also assess your posture, look for patterns, imbalances, and lastly come up with a plan of attack to make the most impact as quickly as possible.
  • Treatment plan, from the above a treatment plan is designed to relieve your pain as fast as possible, then to make it sustainable moving forward.

It sounds like a lot but it actually happens fairly quickly as We want to get you on the table in a very timely manner to begin the work.  Education is paramount during the process, We believe in explaining to you the why’s and how’s of the treatment plan, as you can only change what you can see.  We also slowly weave exercizes, typically self release exercizes that easy to do and extremely productive.

The first session is about connecting with you and understanding where you are at and then tailoring a treatment plan to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Our Remedial Massage Therapist will conduct a quick assessment and discuss a treatment plan with you if required.

If you have cover for Remedial Massage, yes you can.

Yes we are all insured, 10 million public liability policy cover.

All of our Therapists hold a minimum of a Diploma in Remedial Massage

Sports Massage Brisbane

Sports Massage Therapists

Our Sports Massage Clinic is located in Brisbane CBD, minutes from the Brisbane Train Station and nestled in the heart of Brisbane's Queen Street Mall.

Our Massage Therapists have been providing Sports Massage to Athletes, Gym Goers, Runners and lovers of Sports Massage in Brisbane City for over the past decade.

What separates our style of Sports Massage from other Brisbane Sports Massage Clinics? It is our in house KINETIC Method that has been developed by the founder Wade the Massage Guy over the past 15 years of learning from the leaders in the industry from around the world, coupled with 1000's upon 1000's of hours of clinical experience.

The KINETIC Method is taught to every single Remedial Massage Therapist that works in our clinic, and the KINETIC Method is constantly honed and developed through fortnightly professional development workshops, that we run in house at our Remedial Massage clinic

spors Massage Brisbane City

Remedial Massage Brisbane

Remedial Massage Brisbane CBD

At KINETIC our Remedial Massage Therapists are taken through a systematic on boarding process before they start working in our clinic.

This is to ensure that our highest standards are maintained and preserved. Nothing is created equal and that is true for Remedial Massage Clinics.

Our Remedial Massage Brisbane Clinic is located in the heart of Queen Street Mall only minutes from Eagle Street Business District.

We have been providing Remedial Massage to Brisbane office workers, gym goers, yoga and pilates lovers in Brisbane City for many years.

What makes our Remedial Massage clinic different from other Brisbane Remedial Massage clinics? We have many tools in our tool kit, and we are constantly pushing the boundaries in the industry to improve our customer experience and get the result.

Deep Tissue Massage Brisbane City

Deep Tissue Massage Brisbane

Deep Tissue Massage Therapists

Deep Tissue Massage is our bread and butter, it is what we do well! Our Deep Tissue Massage Therapists have been trained by wade the massage guy in the KINETIC METHOD and are highly proficient in Deep Tissue Massage.

We know how hard it can be to find a Massage Clinic or Remedial Massage Therapist that can deliver an amazing Deep Tissue Massage. Hence why we make a point of delivering quality each and every time.

Deep Tissue Massage at KINETIC is like no other Remedial Massage Clinic in Brisbane, it is the culmination of 15 years plus of learning from some of the leading experts in the world and performing 1000's upon 1000's of clinical hours.

Sports Massage Brisbane

Brisbane CBD Location

Our Remedial Massage Clinic in the heart of Brisbane city

Wade The Massage Guy
141 Queen St Brisbane City
QLD 4000
Phone: 0406 016 556

Wade the massage guy - kinetic logo

Wade The Massage Guy is Brisbane's #1 Massage clinic for the best massage service, pain management, and sports performance.


141 Queen St
Brisbane City
QLD 4000

Contact us 0406 016 556

0406 016 556


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