5 Tips To Reduce a Headache with Remedial Massage

Headaches plague people and they occur for a variety of reasons, hormonal, injury, trauma, posture, whiplash, tightness, exercise, and a multitude of other factors.

In the clinic when we see a headache sufferer the first thing we do is assess the clients posture, where is the position of their head relative to their shoulders, is the head sitting well or is it sitting in front of the body?

Generally the clients posture is not the best and the head is sitting in front of the body therefore straining the neck.

If the neck is tight quite often there is connection to the headaches the client is experiencing.  So what can one do?

  1.  Trigger Point Release the Traps
  2.  Trigger Point Release the Pecs
  3.  Activate and strengthen the lats

The above 3 tips are worth their weight in gold.  Our Remedial Massage sessions typically revolve around the above points which then leads into our posture education.  If you would like to know more about our Remedial Massage sessions click here

The posture education typically consists of cues to engage the body and align it in gravity with the goal of reducing strain through the neck and lower back, hence reducing headaches and lower back pain.

In the clinic, we spend a lot of time embedding postural cues as the foundation of what we do.  We believe if one can embed great posture it is like putting money in the bank (investing in ones future so to speak)

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