Have you sprained your ankle?

The most common ankle injury is a sprained ankle. Remedial Massage Therapists generally struggle to cope with such a injury due to the complexity of the joint and lack of training, consequently most ankle sprain sufferers head to their local Physiotherapist for relief

What actually is an ankle sprain?  In layman’s terms it is when the ligaments are stretched or ruptured around the ankle, resulting in swelling, painful when walking, unable to run, and move the foot through it’s normal range of motion.

How can ankle sprains be treated?  What are the success rates?  How soon can you get back to the gym or running?  Read on!

Have you rolled your ankle?

Useful tips if you have just rolled your ankle:

  • ICE – is great straight up the injury, grab a bag of frozen veg from the freezer, wrap it in a tea towel and apply to the area
  • Elevation, lay on your back and put your foot up on the couch and relax
  • Head into your local therapist for an assessment, to assess the damage, if they are good, they will give you a treatment plan to assist you to get back to the gym or track asap.

Ankle strain - The road to recovery

You’ve been to your local Therapist and you’ve improved but there is still a niggle or two there, what to do now?

  • Release your calves, trigger point and roll your soleus (the flat part of your calf that grows into your achilles tendon)
  • Trigger point your gastroc (the two heads of your upper calf)
  • The idea with releasing your calves is to create some slack above your ankle to allow it to move more freely.
  • Release the plantar fascia (bottom of your foot) with a tennis ball

If you want visuals on the above releases head over to the videos page.

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