Suffering from Arm Pain?

In my experience Arm Pain is varied from person to person, some examples are Tennis Players, Tradies, Shoulder injuries, Office workers, and list goes on.  I guess the point I am trying to make is the process starts with a thorough assessment then a treatment plan is created.

Arm Pain Remedial Massage Therapists in Brisbane are a dime a dozen but what separates the good from bad?  Does your Therapist conduct a thorough assessment of your body to determine the kinetic chains involved, take a detailed history and provide a thorough treatment plan?

Sharp pain in your bicep?

I have had a number of middle aged blokes come in with shoulder/midback tightness and pain and after a few treatments and their condition improving they start to tell me a very similar story.  “I wish I had of seen you a few months ago, I had these pains into my left arm and my Wife made me go and see the doc and a bunch of tests for the old ticker, of which all came back clear.  Now here I am getting a massage on my back and the pain and tingles in my arm has stopped?”

The points that I won’t to make about the above story is, if you have pain in your left arm (Arm Pain) you should definitely consult your GP for advice, however quite often midback and shoulder tension is associated to pain in the arm.

Numbness into your fingers?

The good news, with a thorough assessment and treatment plan, Arm Pain can be dramatically improved.

I encourage you to read a few my testimonials, some of my kind clients have left clues about the treatments they have experienced, some might resonate with you.

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