How to Fix Back Pain

5 Tips how to fix Back Pain

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Back Pain Tips

If you are suffering from Back Pain you are not alone, studies have shown that up to 80% of the population will suffer from Back Pain atleast once in their lives, which makes me wonder what can one do to decrease the risk or manage the problem.

In this article I outline 5 useful tips that one can perform easily that will yield huge results when practiced diligently. Quite often in the clinic I use the example of wanting to lose weight, so you join the gym and ask the personal trainer how long will it take to get to my ideal weight, a week, 2 weeks a month? Or if you want to run a marathon and you join a running club and ask a similar sort of question.

The answers are unique to each but the principles are the same, do the work, have a plan, be specific and you will yield the result, this is true with resolving Back Pain.

Tip 1. Strengthen your Core, not your 6 Pack, YOUR CORE, which includes your TVA, TZone, Transverse Abs, Psoas, Multifidus, basically the deep core that supports our spine. HOW? Google the above and exercises and you will find hundreds on youtube, alternatively head to your local pilates studio or consult a GREAT PERSONAL TRAINER.

Tip 2. Be aware how often you are sitting and do something about it, eg. get up and go to the water cooler, stand and work for periods of the day, don’t sit on the couch, lay on the floor. Sitting compresses our lower back if we sit for an eternity. Get up and move through your day, your back will thank you for it.

Tip3. Stretch, Release your hip flexors. Because we sit for large amounts of day and life our hip flexors get chronically tight and short, which ends up pulling our pelvis forward into a anterior tilt, due to this position our lower back becomes jammed and compressed. Solution YOUTUBE hip flexor stretches or releases and start opening the front of your hips.

Tip 4. Drink Water, staying hydrated is massive in keeping muscles lubricated, soft and healthy, generally most of us are dehydrated.

Tip 5. Consult a Therapist that can assess your condition and map out a detailed treatment plan that is specific to you and your wants and needs.

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