Brisbane Botanic Gardens

If you are a nature lover and a lover of plants. The Brisbane Botanic Gardens are perfect for you to visit. They are Queensland's premier subtropical botanic gardens situated in Brisbane, Queensland. The botanic gardens are definitely on the list to visit when coming to Brisbane

They were founded back in 1970 and were officially opened for the visitors in 1976

Botanic Gardens Feature 

The Botanic Gardens are all about cherishing and loving what nature has to offer, the gardens have the following.

Tropical Display Dome

• Japanese Garden that was designed by the leading traditional Japanese Garden proponents.;

• Exotic Rainforest

• Bonsai House

• Australian Plant communities

• Fern House

•    Arid Zone and Cactus House

•    Temperate Garden

•    Lagoon and Bamboo Grove

•    Australian Rainforest

•    Fragrant Plant and Herb Garden

•    National Freedom Wall

All these are enough to make your day and you get to acquire a lot of knowledge about the botanic marvels of nature. 

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

Adjacent to the main entrance of the botanical gardens is the largest Planetarium of Queensland which was named after the renowned astronomer and Governor of New South Wales, Sir Thomas Brisbane. The Brisbane River and the Brisbane city is named after this passionate man as well. The planetarium itself offers worth trying the incredible experience of taking a tour through the galaxy in the Planetarium’s Cosmic Skydome.

Mount Coot-Tha Library 

The Mount Coot-Tha Library is situated at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens and the best part about it is that unlike other traditional libraries in Brisbane, this Library contains the books that feature botany and astronomy only. It is the perfect idea to cover these topics according to the location, as the library is situated within the botanical gardens and close to the Brisbane Planetarium. 

The workshops and exhibitions 

The Botanic Gardens can be visited for the workshops and exhibitions for both schools going kids and adults. A number of photography workshops are held there and you may also signup for an educational trip for the students. 

Brisbane Botanic Gardens offer a free-guide-walk every week Monday to Saturday at 11.00am and 1.00pm – A guide takes you on a complete tour of the gardens highlighting all the amazing plants, their names, species, benefits and much more. Moreover, free mini-bus tours are offered every week Monday to Friday at 10.30am and 2.00pm. 

So, you may either enjoy the guided walks or also ride on the minibus absolutely free of cost. C

The Brisbane City Council has always worked hard to make the city grow and entertain the visitors both aesthetically and educationally. The Brisbane Botanic Gardens are one of those huge projects that are serving the tourists and the locals since 1976 making it a must-visit place in Queensland.

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