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Deep Tissue Massage is a deep, firm relaxation Swedish massage type of client. It is a technique that is not for the faint-hearted, Deep Tissue Massage aims to break up tight and stiff muscles, Deep Tissue Massage strokes can be fast and slow, however as the name suggests it is 'Deep'

Myofascial Release - or commonly known as MFR. The technique is much slower than Deep Tissue Massage and does not use a lot of oil, instead balm is used. The goal of this technique is to target the fascia/connective tissue and to break up adhesions that have formed in the tissues.

Muscle Energy Techniques ‘MET’, Cupping, Dry Needling, PNF Stretches, Active Release Technique, ART, are all other techniques that Remedial Massage Therapists use to release tight and stuck tissue.

Activation exercises are also used to strengthen and activate slack, weak and low tone muscle structures in the body. It is one thing to release, relax and melt out adhesions but another to systematically re-integrate the body, connecting, re-tensioning, activating, and waking up sleepy, dormant muscles.

The goal is balance, efficiently, integrity, and movement.

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Brisbane CBD

Brisbane CBD is popular for fashion stores and luxe brands on the amazing Queen Street, plus the lush green shady riverfront City Botanic Gardens are must to visit if you are staying in Brisbane CBD. Brisbane City Hall offers a trip down memory lane with outstanding historical photos in the Museum of Brisbane. The area is quiet during weekends, apart from the waterfront cocktail bars and seafood eateries around Eagle Street Pier, that have to be visisted if you are visiting Brisbane City, Eagle street is located on the Bank of the Brisbane River and has spectacular views.

Another idea is to gather the family, pack a yummy picnic grab your fave rug and spend a lazy afternoon in the sunshine in the park, Roma Parklands is an amazing leafy getaway from the hustle and bustle in the the CBD. Once a month on a Saturday, the City Botanic Gardens come alive with food trucks, free live music and hundreds of people, get a good spot, something to drink and kick back and soak in the ambience The Museum of Brisbane is a special place. It always has an incredible program of exhibitions.

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