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Brisbane is a vibrant city in Australia known for its lively culture and a strong economy. The city is also a popular destination for conferences and events, with various venues and facilities available to suit various needs and preferences. Brisbane hosts various conferences on various topics, including business, technology, healthcare, education, and more. Some popular conferences held in Brisbane include the World Science Festival, the Asia Pacific Cities Summit, the Brisbane Writers Festival, and the Australian Healthcare Week. The city's conference venues range from large convention centers to smaller meeting rooms in hotels and other venues. Some popular conference venues in Brisbane include the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, the Royal International Convention Centre, the Rydges South Bank, and the Novotel Brisbane.

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Top Conference Venues in Brisbane

Brisbane offers a range of conference venues that can accommodate events of all sizes and types. Here are 7 top conference venues in Brisbane with details: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre One of Australia's top meeting venues, the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC), is located in the center of South Bank. It provides over 20,000 square meters of adaptable meeting space, including an exhibition hall, 44 meeting rooms, and a plenary auditorium with 4,000 seats. The BCEC also provides a variety of catering choices and cutting-edge technology. Royal International Convention Centre Over 20,000 square meters of adaptable event area are available at the Brisbane Showgrounds' Royal International Convention Centre (RICC). It has exhibition halls, 25 conference rooms, and a 5,000-seat arena. RICC also provides cutting-edge technology and a variety of catering choices. Rydges South Bank In the center of Brisbane's South Bank district is the well-known meeting location Rydges South Bank. It provides a selection of convention spaces, including a ballroom that can hold up to 1,000 people. The location also provides a variety of dining choices and on-site lodging. Novotel Brisbane With 11 meeting rooms and a ballroom that can hold 350 people, the Novotel Brisbane provides a variety of conference amenities and is situated in the center of Brisbane's CBD. The location also provides a variety of dining choices and on-site lodging. Pullman Brisbane King George Square In the center of Brisbane's CBD, Pullman Brisbane King George Square is an opulent meeting location. It provides a selection of convention spaces, including a ballroom that can hold up to 1,000 people. The location also provides a variety of dining choices and on-site lodging. Stamford Plaza Brisbane In the center of Brisbane's CBD is the chic meeting facility, The Stamford Plaza. It provides a variety of gathering spaces, including a ballroom that can hold up to 320 visitors. The location also provides a variety of dining choices and on-site lodging. The Calile Hotel This hotel is in the center of Fortitude Valley and is a cutting-edge meeting facility. Many meeting spaces and convention amenities are available there, including a ballroom that can hold 350 people. The location also provides a variety of dining choices and on-site lodging. The Calile Hotel also has a rooftop lounge and pool with stunning city skyline views.

Conference in Brisbane - Upcoming Conference Alerts Brisbane

If you are searching for upcoming international conferences in Brisbane, you have landed on the right page. All Conference Alert lists all the upcoming conferences, events, seminars, webinars, and workshops that will take place in Brisbane in 2023. Regardless of your interest or expertise, you will find a suitable conference on the list. Our comprehensive list of conferences lets you easily locate events in your city or nearby city. You can also search for conferences based on keywords, dates, or locations. All Conference Alert is the ideal platform for Ph.D. students, research scholars, academic professionals, researchers, and industry peers to discover pertinent conferences and events that are significant to them, with over 200,000 registered subscribers. We have earned the trust of thousands of academicians, professionals, and event organizers to list, index, and promote their conferences worldwide.

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8th March 2023

1509th International Conference on Recent Advances in Medical Science (ICRAMS)

Brisbane, Australia


8th April 2023

1491st International Conference on Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (ICCBE)

Brisbane, Australia


8th May 2023

1331st International Conference on Robotics and Smart Manufacturing (ICROSMA)

Brisbane, Australia


8th June 2023

1528th International Academic Conference on Development in Science and Technology (IACDST)

Brisbane, Australia


8th July 2023

1538th International Conference on Science, Health, and Medicine (ICSHM)

Brisbane, Australia


These are the few conference event links Brisbane, Australia that you can participate in 2023. There are more of them; if you want to choose, then the link is available here

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Conference Venues Hire Guide

When planning a conference in Brisbane, selecting the perfect venue can be a critical decision that can impact the success of the event. Here are some tips to help you choose the right conference venue in Brisbane: Location: Choose a venue that is easily accessible to your attendees. Consider factors such as public transportation, parking availability, and proximity to airports, hotels, and other amenities. Capacity: Make sure the venue can accommodate your expected number of attendees comfortably while allowing for any additional space required for equipment or other activities. Layout: Consider the venue layout and how it can support your conference agenda. For example, you may need a large ballroom for a keynote speech, smaller workshop breakout rooms, and a spacious foyer for networking. Facilities: Look for a venue that offers the facilities and equipment you need, such as AV equipment, Wi-Fi, and catering services. Cost: Determine your budget and look for a venue that fits within your financial constraints. Be sure to inquire about additional costs, such as equipment rentals or extra staff. Reputation: Choose a venue with a good reputation for hosting successful conferences. Check online reviews and ask for references from past clients. Flexibility: Look for a venue to accommodate your needs and schedule changes, especially if you are planning a large conference with multiple moving parts. Sustainability: Consider a venue with environmentally sustainable practices, such as energy-efficient lighting and recycling programs.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about conference venues in Brisbane: What Is The Average Cost Of Hiring A Conference Venue In Brisbane? The cost of hiring a conference venue in Brisbane can vary depending on the venue size, location, facilities, and event duration. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between AUD 500 to AUD 5,000 per day for a conference venue in Brisbane. How Far In Advance Should I Book A Conference Venue In Brisbane? It is recommended to book a conference venue in Brisbane at least 6-12 months in advance, especially if you are planning a large-scale event. This allows you to secure the desired venue and negotiate a better price. What Amenities Should I Look For When Choosing A Conference Venue In Brisbane? Some essential amenities to consider when choosing a conference venue in Brisbane include Wi-Fi, audio-visual equipment, catering services, parking facilities, and accommodation options nearby. What Are The Most Popular Conference Venues In Brisbane? Brisbane's most popular conference venues include the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Royal International Convention Centre, and the Brisbane City Hall. Can I Bring My Catering To A Conference Venue In Brisbane? Some conference venues in Brisbane may allow you to bring your catering, but others may require you to use their in-house catering services. Be sure to confirm this with the venue when making your booking. Are Conference Venues In Brisbane Accessible For People With Disabilities? Most conference venues in Brisbane are designed to be accessible to people with disabilities. However, it is always recommended to confirm the accessibility features of the venue with the management before booking.


Wrap Up Dry needling and remedial massage therapy are valuable techniques that can be used to manage pain, reduce muscle tension and promote healing. Both techniques have unique benefits and can be used with other therapies to achieve optimal results. While dry needling uses thin, solid needles to stimulate trigger points and promote healing, remedial massage therapy uses manual techniques to release muscle tension and improve circulation. Together, these techniques can be effective in managing a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, including chronic pain, sports injuries, postural issues, and nerve pain. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, it is important to consult with a qualified therapist who can assess your condition and develop an individualized treatment plan to help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

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