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Named after the Brisbane River, the city is the capital of Queensland situated at the southeastern side of the state. It is considered to be Australia’s most populous city encompassing the population of more than 3.5 million people. This city has the history as old as 32,000 years and it was found back in the ancient times by the Jagera people and the Turrbal group. The city has faced a lot and got all the attention because of the flood events that occurred in the Brisbane River causing great damage and disruption to the entire city. 


Brisbane's metropolitan area has the extensions along the Moreton Bay floodplain. The rugged mountains overlooking the great Brisbane River has the traces from the past that are among the perfect tourists’ attractions in today’s modern times. It is wedged between the rugged national parks offering a quality time to the visitors. It is an absolute wonder for the Gold coast and sunshine coast The Brisbane’s Central District covers 2.2 km2. 

You get to witness one of these oldest windmills that were initially used to actually grind the grain. Most of the ancient traces are well preserved for the tourists and they are literally capable of taking you back in the times of the stone age. 

The streets there are named after the members of the House of Hanover and that’s what makes them sound unique and attractive as well. The streets that are named after the female members include Adelaide, Alice, Ann, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Margaret, and Mary streets and they run parallel to the Queen’s Street. 

The attractions 

Brisbane is an appropriate cosmopolitan hub for not only the arts but culture and dining as well. Everything from the architecture to the arts, traditions and the cuisines offered by the region is what makes it one of the top tourists’ attractions in Australia. Nature has proved itself to be the greatest artist of all, forever and that’s what you get to witness in this region situated at the coastline of the Brisbane River. Apart from the giant mountains it also is the home for the tallest buildings in Australia. The Brisbane Sky tower is currently under construction and it would be the highest residential tower of the Brisbane having the 90 story structure and the height of 270-meter (890 ft). 

The happenings 

There are always events and activities happening in the city of Brisbane and that’s what keeps the region in the limelight making it the most talked about the region of Australia. From the festivals to the musical concerts, sports activities, and the exhibitions you always something arranged there to entertain you and make your visit worth experiencing.

There are so many things that we can enjoy in this ancient yet modern compatible region and we may get to know a lot of the details about Brisbane in our further articles, so stay tuned and check out everything you need to know about the capital of Queensland. 

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