How massage can help with lower back pain

Many of us suffer from lower back pain.  And, there are many reasons from muscle tension, stress, physical activity, poor posture, obesity and even using your body wrong to pick something up.  Picking something up incorrectly will put a serious strain on the lower back and the muscle structure around it. However, there is help.


A great massage can help reduce lower back pain in a variety of ways.  Massage is not a luxury, but can actually be used medically to help with pain reduction in the most natural sense.  

Decrease Muscle Tension

Massage has been proven to help with tight muscles as well as the release of the tight fascia that surrounds those muscles.  All this tightness pulls at your spine and causes back pain. Getting everything loosened up with a proper massage will stop the pulling and relieve the pain.  This built-up tension is caused by holding the body into position. But, getting a massage will release the tension and strain in the muscles, ligaments, and fascia, thus relieving the stress that is causing the pain.

Increased Blood Flow

Increasing the blood flow will help the muscles to recover faster from injury.  With a massage, blood flow is stimulated naturally by the massage itself. This allows the body to heal and improves the structure of the muscles.  The natural movements of the hands will help move the blood and improve circulation. This improvement leads to increased energy. The reasons for this increase in energy isn’t just due to improved oxygen delivery.  But, it also helps with lactic acid build-ups which are released during a massage and improves kidney functions to help remove waste in the body.


The combination of releasing the tension on the muscles and improving the circulation is the overall benefit of having a lower back massage.  As the hands release the tension and improve the circulation the patient will start to feel some relief almost immediately. During this time your body is also increasing the endorphins.

Increased Endorphins

Endorphins are those “feel-good” chemicals that are released in the brain.  Having a massage helps the brain to release these and improves your overall mood.  Endorphins are natural pain killers and offer great relief from stress. Massage is known to improve the bodies natural way of regulating its hormones in general as well.  These are the chemicals that help with anxiety and depression. So, getting regular massages can help with mood and other minor mental issues as well as mask the pain in the lower back.  


These, of course, are only some of the amazing benefits of having regular massages.  There are all kinds of studies that prove how a massage can help with not only lower back pain but all kinds of other things such as lower blood pressure, enhance exercise performance, and increase range of motion. 


There are so many medical benefits from a massage, that it shouldn’t be considered a luxury service.  But, it should be a part of a regular health routine. Many people are into living a more healthy lifestyle but often don’t think that a massage is apart of that.  However, it most certainly is! 

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