Do you have an injury?

If you are suffering from an injury you have landed on the right page.   Throughout this page, I delve into the themes, the patterns, the strategies and success stories in specific detail.

I've pulled a muscle, what do I do?

The term ‘pulled muscle’ typically is something that we have all experienced and they often occur suddenly and out of the blue.  Usually, they occur in the back, hamstring, calf, and neck, however, they can occur in other muscles also.

The common themes are:

  • The pain is sharp or dull
  • Your movement is impacted, eg. can’t bend over, can’t turn your neck fully, can’t walk freely, etc.
  • Happened randomly

The question is how do you deal with it?

  • Self-release, trigger point, roller.  There is a saying ‘Mobility before Stability’.  Which means you need to be able to move first before stabilizing.
  • Heat!!!!  Heat helps dilate blood vessels, encourages circulation, moves lactic, metabolic waste, provides nutrition to the tissues.
  • H2O, hydration is so important, no one likes a piece of chewy well-done eye fillet, you want your tissues ‘medium rare’.
  • See a professional who can fast-track the release process and add context to your situation.

Strained neck?

Strained necks are literally a ‘pain in the neck’!  There is a range of reasons why people strain their neck, however, there is a common backdrop to the situation.  Typically the modern human being has poor posture, the midback is quite often kyphotic (hunching) and due to this fact the head ends up protruding forward off the shoulder girdle and as a result the neck muscles have to work very hard to hold the weight of the head, hence the neck becomes very sore and tight through the back of the neck and weak in the front.

  • You wake up with a sore neck, due to sleeping in a poor position through the night.
  • You turn your head too quickly, eg. looking over your shoulder when driving.
  • You strain it at the gym or pilates.

The question is how does one relieve a strained, stiff, crick neck?

  • Systematically self-release, trigger point, roll on a roller.
  • Stretch your neck
  • Heat and H2O
  • Seek professional advice, find a great Remedial Massage Therapist
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