• review rating 5  I saw Wade after struggling with neck and back pain for a few weeks. I can honestly say that from the moment I sat down, I felt I was in excellent hands. He knew the exact spots to target to give me the relief I had been chasing for weeks. Even after one 45 minute session with him, I felt he had made a huge difference. He is knowledgeable and thorough and I'm really looking forward to keeping up a maintenance schedule with him, so I don't have to suffer through weeks of pain again. Thanks Wade!

    thumb Jane Ell

    review rating 5  I came to Wade with multiple issue regarding pain caused from injury. In my first session Wade systematically worked through all my concerns and was able to identify some very important key issues. With clear and concise explanations he was able to put together a plan that was easy for me to understand and put into practice. Wade also emailed me some videos that I could refer to at home so I can continue my road to recovery. I’m very impressed with Wades extensive knowledge in his field. I feel like I’m in good hands......thanks Wade

    thumb Anthony Pellow

    review rating 5  I recently saw Sean for a long-term, historical SIJ issue. I experienced immediate reduction in pain and continued improvement in my mobility over the following days. Sean is very professional and thorough in his assessment. Sean explained the treatment and I felt comfortable throughout. I'm looking forward to the next session.

    thumb Beverly Dummermuth
  • review rating 5  Sean was the best remedial massage therapist I have ever seen. He was extremely knowledgeable and highly professional. I can not recommend him highly enough. Best money I have ever spent on a massage. Thank you so much, I thought I would have to live with this pain forever, now I know better.

    thumb Vesna Sarich

    review rating 5  Come here on a monthly basis, I see Claire who helps me maintain my lower body issues whilst also providing a lot of insight/advice on body mechanics. Would recommend this place to anyone.

    thumb Matty Richardson

    review rating 5  Claire is awesome!!! With cronic pain & tightness associated with OA in my hips, Claire works wonders & greatly improves my ability to walk straighter & with less pain. Sessions are very intense, however she really explains the link between each of the muscles & areas involved - all with goal to improve mobility. Sessions are not limited to time on the table, as she pro-actively explains strengthening exercises & provides a insights to a holistic treatment plan. Definitely the best & most beneficial Remedial Massages I've ever had.

    thumb Charmaine Grove
  • review rating 5  I have just had the best remedial massage in Brisbane from, Claire. I had been to multiple physio's, even had a ultrasound on my shoulder to try and locate where the pain was coming from. After just one appointment the pain in my shoulder has reduced dramatically. I am sleeping better and can see a road to recovery for the first time. So impressed, that i have already booked another couple of appointments this week to work on the rest of my body. 🙂 Highly recommend going to see them.

    thumb Karl Schwantes

    review rating 5  Extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Provides an outstanding service. Very well researched and trained and truly understands how the body works. Easily the best treatment I’ve received and I’ve seen a few physios and massage therapists. Would definitely recommend and will certainly be back. Thanks Wade!

    thumb Jennifer BIlesky

    review rating 5  Have been going to Wade for over a year and he and his team are great. I get pretty tight from lifting weights / office work all week - Wade and the team keep me in the gym, pain free. They have a fantastic knowledge of anatomy and are able to find just the right muscles to work. Would recommend them to anyone. Since Wade moved to Queens St Mall, I've been seeing one of Wade's Practitioner's - Claire Stasse - and she's been fantastic. I'm able to present with various issues and Claire's knowledge of anatomy and what to release has been very beneficial. I wasn't able to Barbell Squat with any frequency until seeing Claire and now I'm back under the bar. Recommended.

    thumb Benn Cizauskas
  • review rating 5  I was lucky enough to get a appointment with Claire on Thursday after suffering a few weeks of neck, shoulder and back pain. She was fantastic and worked through to release my muscles. I hadn’t realised but I was pretty well ceased up!! The difference and relief was amazing. Thank you Claire. I’ll be back....see you in 2 weeks

    thumb Suzie Krieg

    review rating 5  Wade is by far my favourite massage therapist in Brisbane. While his strong technique is giving me SO much physical relief after years of chronic tightness/stiffness - he is also teaching me on a much deeper level about body structural/alignment wellness. Through his guidance my posture is naturally elevating/opening, my deep core is activating, & my frontline is softer yet stronger. I'm more relaxed. The reverberations of his work are improving my quality of life & I'm totally grateful. He's a legend!

    thumb Petra Lane

    review rating 5  I have a ongoing shoulder problem and I have had not much relief from muscle soreness and fatigue issues. I visited Katrina from T.P. Release Massage Therapies.From my first visit, Katrina listened. She was very Professional and able to make my shoulder better, with different techniques and range of motion strengthening exercises. Katrina has been the best and was able to give me a hopeful outcome and a treatment plan moving forward.Thanks again Katrina, looking forward to seeing you again at our next appointment.

    thumb Shane Potter
  • review rating 5  Best masseuse in Brisbane! Claire not only relieved my back pain, but also provided exercises and stretching to ensure the problem remained contained indefinitely. She is extremely professional and I recommend her highly to those looking for a quality practitioner.

    thumb Billy Atmore- Gray

    review rating 5  Wade is quick to identify the issue and then is able to make the 'pain go away". I feel much better after a 30 minute session and will be back. Wade makes you feel comfortable and is professional and talented.

    thumb M T

    review rating 5  Simply the best massage / remedial massage I have had. I've had issues with a tight groin, hamstrings, shoulders and subsequently a sore neck. I am so fortunate to have Wade on my team. He is a lovely bloke, holistic in his approach to offering advice when away from the massage table and absolutely improves my quality of life. I have seen and experience a direct link between his work and an improvement in my well being.

    thumb William Douglas
  • review rating 5  Wade and Sean are literal angels and can pinpoint all of my muscle problems and uses a range of techniques to give relief. They go above and beyond to help you get BETTER, offering advise on how your body works and what could be holding you back from recovery. Cannot recommend highly enough.

    thumb Kirstine Diete

    review rating 5  I highly recommend Wade! I first saw Wade for help with a shoulder niggle and now not only is my shoulder so much better but my entire back feels more relaxed and healthy. He is so knowledgeable and very happy to share that knowledge with you. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him whether you're suffering from a specific injury/issue or after holistic support!

    thumb Trudi Saul

    review rating 5  James has been helping me attend to some ‘niggles.’ It has helped me run my fastest parkrun in years and build an appreciation for stretching to ensure alignment. Thank you!

    thumb Jordan P
  • review rating 5  Wade the Massage Guy is Awesome at what he does. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and always knows how to fix your body. Thank you for always providing a great experience and helping clients feel better walking out the door.

    thumb Jane Hatzellis

    review rating 5  I have been seeing Claire for everything from my tight hips, upper back and neck. She always does a great job of getting right into the problem areas and releasing the tension making me feel much better. Her informative approach is great as it helps me understand what is going on with my body and she gives you tips and exercises to assist you even further after your session. Thank you Claire 🙂

    thumb L Xox

    review rating 5  I love Claire’s treatments! She varies them based on what I need and is works to get to the root of the problem. I enjoy her approach and how comfortable she makes you. Would definitely recommend.

    thumb Sarah Wendt
  • review rating 5  Wade is just BRILLIANT !!! Just by looking at my shoulders he could tell what the problem was. He is really knowledgeable and the best part is he explains in great detail about what’s causing the issue and how to prevent it from happening. It’s not just about massaging the area which again he is awesome at. Just after my first session I noticed better movement in my shoulder plus he gave me some simple exercises which only take a few minutes to do. Can’t wait for my next appointment !!!

    thumb Puneet Dhawan

    review rating 5  I’ve visited both Wade and Sean for treatment of a range of issues including a sore neck and back from poor sitting posture, tight muscles from training in the gym and help with rehabilitation after an ankle sprain. I cannot rate their services more highly, and cannot name an occasion that I didn’t walk out feeling a huge improvement. Their professionalism and depth of knowledge extended far beyond the consultation and they helped me understand ways I could improve my habits outside of the clinic also, demonstrating their interest and investment in their clients’ long-term health.

    thumb Michelle Keane

    review rating 5  Have been seeing Wade for over a year now, I used to be a massage therapist so I'm really picky with who sticks their fingers on me. I'm more than happy with what Wades work as his skills and knowledge is exceptional. Would recommend!

    thumb Billy Pang
  • review rating 5  Wade, you are amazing, thank you so much for diagnosing my hip issue so quickly. Such a simple fix.. thanks for the videos demonstrating the exercises to do at home..... I don't need to amputate my leg at all.... ha ha,

    thumb Merryn Draper

    review rating 5  Have been going to Wade for over a year and he and his team are great. I get pretty tight from lifting weights / office work all week and Wade and the team keep me in the gym, pain free. They have a fantastic knowledge of anatomy and are able to find just the right muscles to work. Would recommend them to anyone.

    thumb Benn Cizauskas

    review rating 5  Wonderful treatment with Claire Stasse! Really effective treatment releasing all my chronic trouble spots - halfway through I could easily feel the difference between the two sides of my body. Claire tuned in really well to the issues in my neck and back. 24hrs later I'm much more aware of my posture, and how to move and hold myself. I will definitely be a return customer!

    thumb Kat Fraser
  • review rating 5  Katrina was very professional and at the same time made me feel very relaxed. She did an amazing job with my back and my shoulders. Felt envigorated after the session. I'd recommend her services to everybody. Keep up the good work!

    thumb Marisa Contant

    review rating 5  I've seen Wade a few times now for both injury and pain and have nothing but absolutely positive feedback. 🙌 Each time I have left feeling better and totally confident in his skills and expertise. My back has given me grief my whole life, and I work in the health industry so I have tried everything over the years but will now only go straight to Wade. Finally someone who understands the bigger picture of pain and discomfort, biomechanics of the body and who actually gets in there and fixes it - Not just fluffs around the area and moves on! I wanted to add to his list of 5 star reviews because he deserves them! Keep up the good work mate 👌

    thumb Adrian Potter

    review rating 5  Wade knows his stuff. I love the fact that he is clear about your expectations, he explains why he does something and how he does something. He also takes time to tell you how you can do it yourself, and will also send you a video most of the time! And to make things even better, when asked if he wants to see you again the following week (like most physio/chiro/osteos do), he says that he doesn't need to! After many years of researching a good body worker, I can say that I have finally found one!

    thumb Christopher Fenet


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