Deep Tissue Massage Brisbane City

Deep Tissue Massage

Wade the Massage Guy is the Founder of the KINETIC METHOD

Wade has combined a unique combination of DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE techniques from industry leaders from around the world and distilled them into the KINETIC METHOD

Massage Clinics are everywhere in Brisbane but in our opinion very few deliver quality and results.

That is why wade the massage guy founded KINETIC, to improve the customer experience, to raise the bar and deliver a Deep Tissue Massage like no other clinic in Brisbane.

All of our Massage Therapists are trained in our unique Deep Tissue Massage techniques and frequently attend our in house workshops every fortnight to continue to enhance and develop their skills.

Deep Tissue Massage in our opinion is a combination of Science and Art. The techniques, the anatomy, the biomechanics etc, coupled with being able to apply a unique specific and tailored Massage to the customer (You) is of upmost importance.

At KINETIC our Deep Tissue Massage is like no other Massage Clinic in Brisbane.

Deep Tissue Massage Brisbane CBD

Our unique Deep Tissue Massage Techniques are great for relieving the following conditions:

Back Pain, Lower Back Pain
Neck Pain, Crick Necks
Shoulder Pain, Frozen Shoulder
Headaches and Migraines
Hip Pain, Sciatica
Knee Pain, Runners Knee
Calf Strains and Tears
Plantar Fasciitis, Sore Feet

The KINETIC Method taught by wade the massage guy is culmination of many unique techniques from around the world. The end result is a Deep Tissue Massage that is completely different to any other Massage clinic in Brisbane

We have been providing our unique form of Deep Tissue Massage in Brisbane for years now. Servicing office workers, gym goers, yogis, pilates lovers, runners, cyclists, crossfitters and everyone in between.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Everything always feels better after a massage

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Wade The Massage Guy is Brisbane's #1 Massage clinic for the best massage service, pain management, and sports performance.


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