Do Remedial Massage Therapists use Dry Needling?

That is a good question, the simple answer is some do. Not all Remedial Massage Courses offer Dry Needling in their syllabus, but some do. Definitely, the advanced Diploma in Remedial Massage offers Dry Needling and also Myotherapy courses cover it as well.

In saying that many Remedial Massage therapists seek out Dry Needling courses once they have graduated from their Diploma, to upskill and offer another service to their clientele.

There are many Dry Needling workshops and courses around these days, generally, they run from 2-5 days and cover a lot of information, including the latest research and findings relating to Dry Needling.

Dry Needling puts needles into trigger points in the muscle and can be a great way to release tight and stiff muscles, stimulate blood flow, lymph flow, and many other chemical responses as well.

To answer the question a lot of Remedial Massage Therapists use Dry Needles these days, it is fairly common practice to see your Remedial Massage Therapist for Dry Needles.

The requirement to attend the Dry Needling courses is typically Remedial Massage up to Physio, Chiro, Osteo etc and they are also acknowledged by the various associations and one can accumulate CPE points from the various Dry Needling courses in the market place.

If you are looking for Dry Needling, once again maybe ask your Remedial Therapist, or your local Physio and see if they offer the service if not ask they can refer you to another Remedial Massage Therapist that offers Dry Needling.

Dry Needling has been shown to relieve all sorts of different types of muscolo skeletal pain in the body, it is commonly used in Hospitals nowadays and there are large bodies of research to support it’s effectiveness.

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