Eagle street precinct Brisbane 


Did you ever feel like going to some place which is not surrounded or crowded by so many people, a riverbank where you can avoid all the distractions and enjoy the chunks of nature spreader all over. The place which reflects the colors of nature with the class and beauty of elite life style. Sounds refreshing? Yeah! Brisbane’s eagle street is surrounded with the aroma of elite class lifestyle and is a perfect destination for those who are willing to experience the chunks of the waterfront proposal. This proposal is a beautiful set of improved idea of the river walk which would be even more for the public to visit and enjoy, accessing the open space in front of the river. The purpose of proposing this idea is to encourage the business in Brisbane and welcome the classy people all around to be the part of it.

What is special in the eagle street?

Eagle street of Brisbane is specially targeting the idea of a nature friendly environment where cyclist and pedestrians can enjoy the nature and have the moments of peace. This is why the street is closed for the traffic and shaded for the cyclists and the pedestrians.

Another proposal had been over there showing the idea of passing the traffic from Charlotte street and market street (both are the parts of the street reverting the two ways) with the Dexus, the land which is widening up the market street.

Before taking any decision, all the proposals and ideas are presented to the Brisbane community so that they can decide and come up with the best decision. After that the idea is sent to the Brisbane city council and Queensland government. 

Whenever any changes are occurred in the infra structure or the traffic policies, public transports are communicated about it extensively so that they can plan their routes accordingly

How will you find this project?

This waterfront precinct would prove itself as a pedestrian and cyclist friendly project having a set of multiple benefits like, public open space, traffic free precinct, walking and cycling friendly space, better access and views to the river, subtropical landscaping the colors and aroma of the heritage of the city.

This project is at its second stage which means that the Queensland government is considering it and working on it with great interest. 


When the globe is running towards the technological world and everything is getting surrounded by the gadgets and a fake life where you cannot even breath without being into machinery, don’t you think that all of us need a break? Well, my personal opinion would be a big yes! I would love to be the part of the place which is so near to nature reflecting its colors and beauty, spreading the butterflies all over. Eagle street of Brisbane is the world of our imaginations. This is a must visit the place where you can enjoy the nature and the class at once. So, what is your next trip?

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