Suffering from Foot Pain?

Foot Pain is such a common complaint and a large portion of the population suffer from some form of it, if this you, read on.

Foot Pain is always connected to imbalances and compensation patterns.

Weak and tight muscles are always present.

Posture and biomechanics are always factors

If you are looking for a Remedial Massage Brisbane Clinic that is passionate about solving Foot Pain, we could be a good fit for each other.

Do you have Heel Pain?

Foot Pain treatment generally consists of:

  • Understanding why you have the Foot Pain in the first place.
  • Performing a thorough assessment
  • Understanding the patterns of imbalance
  • Which muscles are tight, and which are weak.
  • Ongoing support
  • Corrective exercises
  • Trigger point releases

In a nutshell, Foot Pain can be a injury that can last years, but with a correct assessment and tailored treatment plan, it can be improved and quite often resolved.

How do you treat Foot Pain?

I have found that in all cases by releasing the calf, including the flat lower portion of the calf (soleus), dramatically improves the foot including Foot Pain.  It creates slack and releases the pressure on the foot, consequently reducing the level of pain.

You can release the calf using a foam roller or a tennis ball and some gentle stretching.

However, we need to keep in mind that releasing a tight muscle is only half the story, the side of the coin (so to speak) is to activate the weak muscles associated with the condition.  In this case, quite often the arches are compromised and need to be strengthened, we have specific exercizes that cater to this.

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