The Gallery of Modern Art also known as (GOMA) or the second site of Queensland’s Art Gallery (QAGOMA) is the largest gallery of modern art and contemporary art in Australia. This art museum is located in the South Bank zone of Brisbane.

The process of construction of GOMA started in 2002 and took 4 years to the completion. The GOMA was inaugurated for the public in 2006. 

GOMA Features 

The Gallery of Modern Art covers over 17,000 presentations featuring all historical, modern and contemporary art. It has been hosting this dynamic program for the exhibitions of both Australian and International levels The Gallery of Modern Arts has been hosting Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art ever since it has been opened i.e. 2006. 

GOMA’s Sugar Spin 

The Gallery of Modern Art arranged a wonderful event on its 10 years anniversary in 2016 and people all over the world gathered to celebrate this colorful and artistic event. It featured some of the best art pieces from the past years of the GOMA and introduced much amazing artwork to make it a memorable and fun-filled event. 

The Sugar Spin event amazing activities including Dancing with the dancers wearing cave’s sound suits, stroking the furry wall, meditating with finches, riding through the spiral slippery slide, and much more. The top two most loved activities by the audiences were: 

1. Wandering through space and time 

The artist Anthony McCall a spectacular new commission for the 10th anniversary of GOMA. He created the sensory experience for the visitors and built sculptures with the light in a really dark room. People were lost jaw dropped with this amazing demonstration of art. 

2. Build Brisbane 

Words can’t explain how exotic experience was it to actually witness this activity. Artist Olafur Eliasson's brought this most amazing interactive piece of art for the audience where thousands of White Legos were placed on a huge table that was positioned in such a way that it faced Brisbane CBD Skyline. The audience were asked to make their own city with the help of the Legos. Many artists were found in the audiences as well. 

Vision of GOMA

The vision of GOMA is to be the leading institution for the contemporary art for Asia, Australia, and the Pacific. It has been emerging constantly and maintaining its place in the field of art. C

The Gallery of Modern art in Brisbane is among the favorite places of both the tourists and the locals. It has more than 17,000 works of modern and contemporary art and it has been growing according to the modern era and preserving the ruins from the past very well. The consistency of presentation of the brilliant and notable artworks is what makes GOMA one of the most talked about and desired art museums in the world and the pride of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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