Annoying Groin Pain?
Struggling to find someone to sort it?

OP Massage Specialist in Brisbane

I had the fortune of working for the best Remedial Therapist in the world once upon a time and his forte was OP/Groin pain.  This amazing massage therapist shared with me his techniques, his art, and perspectives regarding relieving groin pain in the most stubborn cases.

During my time working with this amazing individual, I worked with many professional AFL athletes who are plagued by OP/Groin pain and honed my craft.  In the worst cases, OP/Groin pain can sideline an AFL athlete for an entire season and haunt them for many more.  However, the master therapist I refer to had an extremely high success rate when treating this stubborn affliction, and I am truly grateful for his guidance and instruction for passing on his expertise and knowledge.

If you are suffering from OP/Groin pain I can assure you, you can improve, you don’t need to put up with the pain, you can get back to the gym or running, or entering in the next triathlon.

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