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Hamstring tear?

Have you Torn your hamstring or just strained it?  Hamstring issues generally start of at one end of the spectrum as a Hamstring strain and then at the other as a complete Hamstring tear.

What generally causes a hamstring tear or strain?

Poor running style/biomechanics due to poor activation and stabilization, primarily through the core, pelvis, and glutes. You didn't warm up appropriately Fatigue Uneven surface Imbalances in the kinetic chain How do you deal with it?  You come to the Best Remedial Massage Brisbane clinic

How to treat a Hamstring strain?

Generally ICE straight away Get it assessed by a practitioner Release adhesions Strengthen weak muscles, core, glutes, calves, psoas? Improve body mechanics, movement patterns, address imbalances

There is always a much larger picture at play, hence why it is so important to be assessed correctly.  The question one has to ask is are my body mechanics causing inefficiencies in my kinetic chain? In layman's terms do I have imbalances that a contributing to the hamstring strain or tear?

The body has a innate ability to compensate and enable you to do what you need to do, such as; walk, go to work, to the toilet, carry on about your day as normal.

Long story short your injury will generally get better, however if you don't address the imbalances in the body there is a good chance that you injure yourself again and again.

One needs to address both the cause and the symptoms.

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