Headache Remedial Massage Expert

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Do you suffer from a dull ache in the back of your head? Does massage help sometimes? Do you suffer from a stiff neck? Tight Shoulders? Do you sit for long periods of time? What is your posture like? Have you had an ergonomic assessment of your workstation viagra genérico preço? Do you work on your laptop a lot?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I believe I can definitely help you and in most cases resolve your Headache in the first session. If your headache is related to tension in your upper body, which in most cases they are you can definitely reduce the impact and severity of your headaches quickly and with lasting results.

If you need reassurance you can the read the testimonials of clients just like you that were in pain and now they’re not.

Chronic Headache?
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In my experience nearly if not all clients that I have seen with chronic headaches or migraines have extremely tight neck and shoulders.  It is an observation that has been consistent over the 10 years that I have been treating people throughout Australia.

What I have found is that by releasing tight muscles in the neck, shoulders and sometimes ‘jaw’ have a profound effect on headaches.  If you have been searching for a Remedial Massage Therapist in Brisbane that specializes in headaches, I highly recommend that you read a few of the testimonials of the clients I have treated, this will give you some context to the results I have achieved.

My goal is to do what it takes to help you, the good news is some of my kind clients have left clues behind in the testimonials to reassure you that you in good hands (literally).

The location of the Clinic is in Brisbane CBD.

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