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Dexter Buchanan

Dexter is a qualified exercise professional and nutritionist who has been working in the health and fitness industry for over 5 years.

With a background in representative cricket and rugby league, Dexter works with clients from a range of backgrounds to help them achieve the lifestyle they aspire to. Whether you’re looking to achieve specific health and wellness goals, guidance on realistic and achievable nutrition choices, or you’re searching for a tailored program and the support of a trainer either in-person or online, Dexter’s skills, experience and expertise can help you find your fit.

Based in Brisbane, Dexter currently provides in-gym personal and group training services at Fitness First Elizabeth Street in Brisbane CBD. Dexter also supports clients across Australia and NZ with tailored online training and nutrition programs.


+61 0426 506 448


Find Dexter on the gym floor at Fitness First Elizabeth Street

300 Elizabeth Street, BRISBANE CITY QLD 4000

Dave the Trainer

After a long career in the fitness industry I have seen that the strength of the mind is more powerful than any muscle we have. My years of experience have taught me that the pathway to any goal will always begin in the mind, and belief in the impossible is the only way to achieve the goals you’ve never before been able to reach.

I am now on a mission to inspire people to believe in themselves, so we can all live a life where anything is possible!

There are 3 key aspects to what we do at DavetheTrainer:

  1. Strengthening our Community
  2. Strengthening the Mind
  3. Strengthening the Body

The mindset may only be 10% of your mission, but without that 10%, the other 90% will never happen. We believe that by starting with strengthening the mind, we can help you figure out your true identity in health and wellness, then through living this identity you can achieve anything you want. You can go from being helpless, unhappy and incapable… to Confident, Powerful and Inspired!

Everything you want to achieve, exists in your mind, so we teach you how to master that through our 7 Mindset Tools. We combine these with our proven Strength Programming or Corporate Wellness Programs, to ensure you are not only mastering your mindset, but you’re also taking the action steps required to be the fittest, healthiest and happiest, you’ve ever been!

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Richie Chun

High Performance Wellbeing Coach/Human Potential Enthusiast/Sustainable Health and Wellbeing

Founder of Thriive Habits

Location Brisbane

Here at Thriive Habits we focus on optimising health and wellbeing to support high performance in the workplace.

We understand the demands required within the corporate environment and tailor practical solutions to accomodate the spectrum of clients from the individual to fostering a culture of wellbeing within an orgainisation.

Our people want to feel like they are performing at there best, contributing to the growth of there company, providing world class services with integrated work and life balance.

We are bringing high performance wellbeing into the future of work to differentiate you or your organisation from your competitors.

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Billy Pang

🏋🏽Fitness Coach @ Goodlife Edward St
✨Train smart, Eat well, Travel lots and laugh always

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Jamie Jefferys

It all kicked off in 2010.

I was in the smash repairs business fixing cars and needless to say I didn’t enjoy what I was doing day to day. So one morning not long after I completed my apprenticeship, I quite my job, gathered my tools and drove straight to a school to complete my accreditation. Nine years later and Prodigy Training continues to encourage healthy culture within individuals and communities.

Personal Training Sessions

Personal training session tailored to your fitness level and goals. Develop a fitness plan and goals with Jamie to achieve great health and fitness results and your desired body physique.

Online Training and Consulting

Online training sessions for training accountability and guidance. Work with Jamie to develop a tailored weekly plan to achieve health and fitness results, as well as your desired body physique.

Contact Jamie here:

Call 0406 577 555

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