Is Remedial Massage covered by HICAPS?

Yes Remedial Massage is covered by HICAPS, as long as the practitioner has studied a Diploma in Remedial Massage and attended an actual campus and satisfied the requirements stated by Medibank, which is a certain amount of hands-on hours on campus, the practitioner will be eligible to join a professional body which means once compliant will be able to offer HICAPS cover.

Typically the Remedial Massage Therapist will need to be fully insured of up to 20 million, have completed an approved Diploma in Remedial Massage, hold a current First Aid and CPR certificate, be a member of an association, such as ANTA, AAMT, MASSAGE and MYOTHERAPY etc, once the above is obtained the practitioner applies to Medibank for a provider number which is connected to the HICAPS machine and provides cover for all health funds.

To stay valid and current the Remedial Massage Therapist may need to hold a certain amount of CPE points with their Massage Association, if not, their provider number will be revoked and they will need to complete the process again for a new Medibank Provider number.

The CPE points can be completed via a number of different sources, such as courses, workshops, books, online courses and so on, the important point is to stay valid with HICAPS and Medibank the points cannot fall below a certain amount, otherwise the practitioner will not be able to offer rebates.

If you are looking for a Remedial Massage Therapist that offers HICAPS, maybe before you book, call the clinic and ask specficially if all therapists are eligible for HICAPS to avoid any issues once going into the clinic.

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