5 Signs You Need a Remedial Massage

5 Signs You Need a Remedial Massage-blog5 Signs You Need a Remedial Massage-blog

‘Remedial massage’ is an umbrella term for a number of soft tissue techniques that improve posture and flexibility, relieve sore muscles, prevent and rehabilitate injury and improve athletic performance.

In this post, we explore 5 signs that indicate you could benefit from regular remedial massage in Brisbane CBD. You know what the best sign is though? That you’ve never had one!

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You Train Regularly

Whether you run, bike ride, kayak, partake in races or just train hard at the gym, if you challenge your body with regular exercise, you should be treating it to regular massages (we’re talking every month). These massages won’t just improve your game – they will help you to prevent injury, rehabilitate and maintain your mental and physical health.

You Have Back, Neck, Shoulder or Hip Pain

Pain is your body’s way of communicating that something is wrong. The busier our lives become, the more we tend to ignore our bodies, and this leads to increased pain and likelihood of injury. So, if you experience any bodily pain (common complaints include back, neck, shoulder and hip pain), a remedial massage therapist can help you to establish the cause, relieve your pain and prevent injury.

Your Body Feels Tense

Bodily tension, aches and pains can interfere with your day-to-day activities and prevent you from getting the most out of life. If your body feels tense, it could be a sign of poor posture, stress, anxiety, fatigue or a physical condition like inflammation of the joints, sprains and strains or frozen shoulder (to name a few). Whether the cause is mental or physical, many causes of bodily tension can be improved with remedial massage therapy in Brisbane – even after just a session or two.

You Have Decreased Range of Motion

Have you found that you can’t turn your head as far as you once could? Or maybe that you can’t lift your arm all the way up? Decreased range of motion (muscular restriction) may indicate a mechanical problem with the specific joint, an injury, a build-up of stress and tension over time or a chronic disease like osteoarthritis or multiple sclerosis. If you experience decreased range of motion, we recommend that you book a remedial massage appointment. The massage therapist will use a number of strategies to identify the cause of your restrictions and improve your condition through a range of massage techniques.

You’re Stressed or Suffer from Anxiety or Depression

Remedial massage therapy Brisbane CBD is great for decreasing stress, anxiety and depression and improving general wellbeing. Why? Because remedial massage has a number of positive effects on biochemistry, including decreasing levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) and increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine (feel-good chemicals).

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