Struggling to find a Massage therapist in Brisbane CBD

Are you looking for Remedial, Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage Therapist?

That is probably a great place to start, work out what you are looking for then go from there.

A Remedial Massage Therapist typically takes a clinical approach whereas a Swedish Massage Therapist is more pamper and relaxation focused.

Deep Tissue Massage is a technique that Remedial Massage Therapists use as part of their treatment.  It is very effective at releasing tight and stiff muscles, more suited to someone that is in PAIN or performs vigorous activity such as going to the gym or running.

If you know what type of massage you want, read on.

So you know what type of Massage Therapist you want!

Great, so how do you choose one clinic from another or one therapist from the next?

Research the Clinic on Google, do they have substandard or poor quality reviews?  What does their Social Media accounts look like?  Do they have any videos on Youtube?

These are the questions I urge to ask yourself when searching. You can’t trust your beloved body to any old clinic, it could be a regret that haunts you for a long time.

What makes me a great Remedial Massage Therapist (all biases aside).

Over 10 years of skin in the game.  Worked in some of the largest clinics in Australia.  Performed 1000’s of hours of treatments.  Lucky enough to have worked with the Wallabies, the Broncos, The AIS, Australian Swimmers, Rowers, Triathletes, Marathon Runners, Gym Goers, Office workers and everyone in between.  It has been amazing.

The experience one get’s from being around a while is definitely worth its weight in GOLD.

I do have a few testimonials on the homepage, a couple may resonate with you.

I urge you to have a read before deciding if we are a good fit for each other.

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