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Neck Pain

Are you having issues turning your head when driving? What about sitting in your office chair or working on your laptop?

Neck Pain plagues office workers, largely it is connected to posture and most cases can be resolved quickly with long lasting results.

For years I loved treating Necks, it was somewhat of my 'forte' and I still do love treating Neck Pain, the best part of treating someone with a sore stiff neck is the instant and tangible results.  When someone can't turn their head and then they can, the proof is certainly in the pudding.

If you are looking for a Remedial Massage Brisbane clinic, maybe we could be for you?


If you feel like you hold tension in your neck you are not alone, it is quite common through the population.  The easiest way to explain why your body holds stress in the neck is as follows:

Fight or Flight response - It is hard wired into our DNA and as a byproduct of this mechanism we hunch our shoulders and tense our neck and jaw, bracing for impact.  Unfortunately the body does not distinguish between a saber tooth tiger and a work deadline, consequently, the stress response is generated and the mind and body are impacted as a result.

When you sit in front of your laptop or at a work desk for long periods it creates fatigue in the muscles of your neck and core that are designed to stabilize your posture. As these stabilizing muscles become tired and fatigued, e stress and pressure is placed on the neck.

Our goal is to do what it takes to help you, the good news is some of my kind clients have left clues behind in the testimonials to reassure you that you in good hands (literally).

The location of the Massage Clinic in Brisbane CBD is placed in the heart of the Brisbane Business District

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