New Farm

New Farm - Things to do

The New Farm is an inner suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is located 2 kilometres from the Brisbane Central Business District. The Area itself is partly surrounded by the famous Brisbane River. In the initial stages of the Brisbane City, the area was used for farming and that’s why the name of the suburb is inspired by it and it is named as New Farm. 

Situated at the South-eastern side of the peninsula is the New Farm Park. 


The New Farm attracts the outdoor lifestyle. Everything from the beautifully lined streets with the green trees having fresh leaves giving the taste of heaven to the atmosphere to the Brisbane Powerhouse and the heart of the location New Farm Park is what makes the suburb center of attention for the visitors. The New Farm makes the most of its breathtakingly beautiful riverfront location that multiplies the beauty of the suburb and adds the pinch of nature’s wonder to its modern architect surroundings. 

New Farm Park

The New Farm Park is the heart of the area and it is quite an understatement to call it just a park as it covers 37ha of land. There are approximately over 15000 visitors and kids every weekend to see this beloved park. The New Farm Park is much more than just a play area, it comprises of a fortification like tree-house with stacks of flawless shade just as a broad scaffold walk that breezes like a hobbit trail through the maturing fig trees that flourish this wonderful Park. It is a climber's heaven.

New Farm Park Cares 

Brisbane has always been keen to provide the best to the people having the special needs. New Farm Park also has a special area “sway away” for the special kids. There are merry go round, harnesses swing and much more for these beautiful souls their time out as the normal people among the normal people. 

The route to New Farm

The New Farm is situated right across the Brisbane River and the route is quite easy and accessible. It can be reached out through the taxi from the Central Business District or you can even have this adventurous experience of walking all the way to the New Land passing through the Fortitude Valley and experiencing the beautiful colours and festivities of the valley as well. 

The New Farm is an absolute bliss both in terms of natural and modern features. It is a must-visit place that is loved by both the tourists and the inhabitants a lot because of its ideal location and facts. The New Farm Park adds the fun element and make it much kid friendly and amusing environment for the people belonging to every age. We highly recommend to experience this beautiful place and make the most of your trip to Brisbane by adding the New Farm visit to the bucket list.

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