New Farm Remedial Massage

Sports Massage usually involves a deep style of Massage therapy and usually the Massage Therapist has a good understanding about various Sporting injuries for example:  hamstring strains, calf tears, shoulder injuries, bursitis, and tennis elbow.

A Remedial Massage therapist is taught Sports Massage techniques

There is a good chance that your Remedial Massage can perform a thorough Sports Massage if you ask, but be clear and ask for exactly what you want.

Sports Massage can be great for someone is who is looking for a deep vigorous massage to rub out a tight hammy or calf, and will give them some recommendations on how to best manage their niggle or injury.

If you are looking for a Sports Massage maybe consult your local Remedial Massage Clinic. You may be surprised, there could be a resident Sports Massage Guru right under your nose.

Interested in Newstead Remedial Massage

More information on New Farm

New Farm is a leafy residential neighborhood in Brisbane that draws families to its famous park ‘New Farm Park’, with riverside BBQ areas and grassy fields and jungle gyms it makes for a popular place to visit, especially on the weekends. The Riverwalk links to the city center via pedestrian and bike paths. The Brisbane Powerhouse shows contemporary plays and concerts in a graffitied red-brick industrial building, which is amazing to visit if you are ever in New Farm, while the area’s relaxed dining scene has cheery brunch cafes and kid-friendly eateries, it’s food is to die for. New Farm has a large range of great cafes and restaurants, it is a great up and coming suburb in Brisbane.

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