Remedial Massage vs Sports Massage

If you are wondering what are the benefits or differences between Remedial Massage and Sports Massage and where to start, see below for a few key points.

Remedial Massage is a qualification that is typically a Diploma but can be an Advanced Diploma, whereas Sports Massage is really a term that covers a number of different techniques that typically sports players receive when they get a Massage and hence the term Sports Massage.

Most people think that a Sports Massage means a firm Massage, or it is not a relaxation, or pamper type of massage, eg. Swedish Massage, and maybe that is the reason why people are searching for Sports Massage in the first place.

Sports Massage typically involves a fairly deep style of Massage and typically the Therapist has an idea about various Sporting injuries such as hamstring strains, calf tears, knee pain, shoulder injuries, tennis elbow etc and hence why people are searching out a Therapist that specialises in Sports Massage because they are looking for something quite specific.

Remedial Massage therapist definitely get taught various Sports Massage types of techniques and also cover different types of sporting related injuries and how to handle them with a list of recommendations and best practices.

There is a good chance that your Remedial Massage can be perform a thorough Sports Massage if you ask, but it all depends on what you are looking for and why.

Sports Massage is great for someone is who is not seeking pamper and relaxation, but seeking someone that knows how sort out a tight hammy or calf that is bothering them and who will give some sound recommendations on a path forward that will help in the long run.

If you are looking for a Sports Massage maybe consult your local Remedial Massage Clinic and see what they have to say, you might be surprized, failing that contact your local Physiotherapist and ask for some guidance as they normally know of a couple of great Sports Massage Therapists, good luck.

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