Plagued by Sciatica?
Searching for a Remedial Massage Therapist?

Sciatica Remedial Massage Therapist Brisbane

Do you have Sciatic symptoms?

Are you suffering from Back Pain? Numbness? Tingles? Or Pins and Needles into your butt region or down your leg? Most likely you are suffering from a type of pain commonly referred to as Sciatica.

How are you going finding a Remedial Massage Brisbane Clinic?

Have you had treatments to address the issue without results?

Seen Physios, Chiros, Osteos, Massage Therapists and still have Pain?

I encourage you to read some of the testimonials below

Chronic Sciatic Pain?

There are many factors and reasons as to why you have the pain.  It could be trauma-related from an accident or injury in the past.  It could be genetics, such as an excessive curve in your lower back that is putting pressure on your spine and consequently your nerves.

The point is there will be some type of structural issue that will be identified during the assessment to help us put the puzzle together to tailor a treatment plan specifically to you to resolve the pain with lasting effects.

There are always patterns in the body, imbalances, and biases and sometimes Pain is at the end of the equation, it is my job to educate and guide you through the process back to function.

We have dealt with numerous Sciatica clients over the past decade and would love to help.

Our Clinic is located in the heart of the CBD

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