Deep Tissue Massage

Are you suffering from Back Pain and have been from physio to chiro to massage therapist and still in pain?

Are you looking for a Deep Tissue Massage Therapist in Brisbane?


Deep Tissue Massage is an art and as a Remedial Therapist, I am constantly seeking to evolve and improve both at a personal level and in the clinic. In the clinic, we are always running sessions and workshops to hone and improve our skills as Massage Therapists.


There is deep tissue massage, then there is Us!

Sports Massage

My mission is to raise the bar in the Remedial Massage in Brisbane City game and provide the highest quality of care in the industry, second to none!  Which is why I am so passionate about professional development, learning and continuing to improve.

In our years of working in the industry, all the Massage Therapists in the clinic have been exposed to many sports teams, athletes and weekend warriors, to name drop a few:

The Wallabies, The Broncos, The AIS, OZ – Swimmers and Rowers, Western Bull Dogs, Olympians, Cyclists, Ironmen, Runners and

You can guarantee that you will get a great Sports Massage at Wade the Massage Guy.

How to Rehab correctly

To supplement the work we do, corrective exercises are key, we prescribe them where necessary to assist with the following.

  • To speed up the recovery process
  • To empower you to improve quicker and faster
  • To equip you with tools that you can use in the future

The Process explored and explained

Curious about our process?

Click the button below to learn about the process each Massage Therapist takes when you come in for a session.  In summary, it includes

  • A one on one assessment is performed
  • A biomechanical assessment can be performed on request
  • A treatment plan designed specifically for you
  • Ongoing support
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