Southbank Brisbane - things to do

Situated near the coastline of the Brisbane River and named after the river itself is a city of Brisbane which has been among the top tourists’ attractions of Australia and there are a number of places that are worth the visit. This article is focused on South Bank, Brisbane. 

South Bank all is known for its striking space, the fun-filled events, and the ultimately delicious dining spaces. No matter if you are a local or you visit the city from out of the town, South Bank is a must-visit place that you can simply not afford to miss. It has maintained this special place in the hearts of the tourists. 

Let’s scroll down and know the amazing things one can do when visiting this wonderful destination.

1.    Swimming 

The city of Brisbane is famous for its warm weather during most of the months in the year. So, swimming is the best thing you enjoy in such warm weathers. South Bank, Brisbane has a number of places that offer swimming.

You can either enjoy lapping the gorgeous sunshine of the Queensland in the Boat Pool or you may just dive into the Street Beach which is a man-made lagoon. Both of them are absolutely free and they offer the lifeguards patrolling all year around.

This one is my personal favorite from the South Bank. It is a water park which is an ideal location for the families and there are a number of educational playing and learning activities referencing the Brisbane River for the kids. The best part about Aquativity is that it is absolutely free and again, the ark authority also have the facilities of lifeguards ensuring the safety of the visitors. 

3.    Picnics 

South Bank is considered an ideal location even by the locals as there are playgrounds and picnic spots that are suitable for the family picnics. The top three playgrounds in South Bank include River Quay Green, Riverside Green, and Picnic Island. As per their names, the River Quay Green and Riverside Green playgrounds give the breathtaking view from the Brisbane River and the Greenery is an absolute source of inhaling positivity and enjoying the quality time absolutely free. The Picnic Island Green, Riverside Green and Aquativity are ideal for barbecue parties having the complete facilities for barbecues but you must have to pre-book your spot. 

4.    Walking and Cycling 

South Bank is an ideal location for adoring the flourishing environment and enjoying the outdoor experience walking and cycling around the tracks including Clem Jones Promenade, The Goodwill Bridge, The Victoria Bridge, The Arbour, and The Rainforest walks.

Apart from the activities discussed above, South Bank has a lot more to offer which includes the delicious dining, sightseeing and Cultural Precinct, which is definitely a great tribute to the art that includes world-class theatre and arts and educational institutions. So next time you visit Brisbane, don’t forget to pay a visit to South Bank. 

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