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Swedish Massage?

Is it different from Massage?

The answer is most definitely, Swedish Massage is commonly associated with Relaxation and stress reduction.  It uses long gliding strokes with plenty of oil.

The strokes are very 'flowing' in nature that promotes blood circulation and increases oxygen levels in the blood.

Swedish Massage can be great for decreasing toxins and lactic acid in the body while improving flexibility and mobility.

There have been numerous studies to show the effects of Swedish Massage and in most cases, the findings are as follows:

  • Decreased stress levels
  • Decreased production of cortisol
  • Improved mobility
  • Increased number of white blood cells (lymphocytes)
  • Increased general wellbeing

If you are looking for a clinic in Brisbane CBD that and still undecided maybe it would be a good idea to see if they have any google reviews, social media accounts, review their website before making a decision.

We understand that there are so many clinics out there and how difficult it can be to choose, we do have a number of testimonials on the website, of which one may resonate with you. 

If however, you have any questions, send an email or pick up the phone, we are only too happy to help.

Depending on your circumstances, want's needs and goals will impact whether you opt for a Swedish Massage or Remedial Massage.

Typically the clients we see in the clinic have some type of issue or dysfunction and we treat accordingly.

We may utilize Swedish Massage techniques as part of our warm-up routine before utilizing more Myofascial Release type techniques.

With all clients our method is the same, we perform a thorough assessment, with the goal of getting to know you and your story. 

We observe your gait (the way you walk), assess your range of movement, assess your biomechanics and then tailor a treatment plan to you specifically.

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Remedial Massage Brisbane CBD
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