Tennis Elbow?

What is Tennis Elbow?  Generally occurs on the top of the forearm, close to the elbow and impacts extending the arm and wrist.  It can feel like the forearm has turned into wire strands or ropey knots.

What are the symptoms of Tennis Elbow?

  • Having issues gripping/holding objects
  • Nerve associated pain
  • Sore to touch the outside of the forearm/close to the elbow
  • May even be tender into the wrist muscles

Common causes of Tennis Elbow?

  • Repetitive movements, painting, tennis etc.
  • Gripping type movements, over use.
  • Weak forearm strength
  • Tight shoulders
  • Structural imbalances

Tennis Elbow Treatment

In my experience with working with a lot of Tennis players over the years, some of the best results I have had has been working from a broader context:

  • Addressing imbalances through the body, kinetic chains.  Looking at rotations, eg. Hip and shoulder
  • Addressing weakness and tightness
  • Improving mobility through hips and hamstirngs
  • Activating the Glutes
  • Releasing the shoulder
  • Lastly working on the forearm
  • Compression

Forearm pain

The good news, in all cases that I have treated, Tennis elbow has been reduced and improved.  It can be a stubborn injury but can be improved in time.

I employ a movement screen, range of movement tests, and through treatment plan to address the imbalances.  Exercizes are prescribed both to release tight muscle and activate weak muscles to make the changes long-lasting and sustainable.

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