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I met Wade recently after having multiple ongoing issues with a muscle injury and recovery. Wade had been recommended to me by a friend in the fitness industry who told me that Wade was a practitioner that would be able to conquer these problems. In two massage sessions, Wade was able to cure an ongoing rib cartilage issue that had haunted me for over two years. He also now keeps me in good working order to sit in a high-stress office during the day, whilst be able to remain active outside of the workplace. I would highly recommend Wade’s services and commend him for his strong knowledge and passion to help others.

Nick W / High Achiever

I first met Wade with an acute shoulder injury. Throughout the last 9 months He has skilfully guided me throughout the Rehabilitation process, helping me on my journey from the pre-operative management and to successfully recover post-operatively and return to high-level sport. Wade has seamlessly worked with my Surgeon and Physician to provide integrated care, and we are now working together at returning to competition preventing this in the future. I could not imagine a more skilled or attentive therapist and would gladly recommend him to any friend, whether they be a recreational or elite athlete.

Andrew / Elite Ultra Athlete / Podcast Enthusiast

Due to working long hours at the office I was experiencing a sore neck and shoulders along with headaches. I had visited some massage therapists about this problem before going to Wade. After my first visit to Wade I felt immense relief and noticed the greatest improvement following any treatment. Wade is dedicated to fixing your problem areas, and we have had some great success with sporting injuries which have allowed me to reach my goals on time and with better results than previously expected. I would highly recommend Wade as he is able to achieve the desired outcome, and his technique does not cause excess pain that you can sometimes experience elsewhere.


Lawyer/Runner/Half Marathon Achiever!

I met Wade with ongoing trouble from Plantar Fasciitis. I train across a number of sports and he was able to figure out what muscles were tight and affecting others. From regular massages with Wade and undertaking recommended rolling and stretching homework, I was able to complete two half marathons in a month, all with no trouble from Plantar Fasciitis. I also have an upcoming Olympic distance triathlon, a long time goal of mine and I have Wade to thank for helping me get to the start line.


Marine Biologist / Extreme Athlete

I would highly recommend Wade for anyone looking for an awesome massage therapist. He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, professional andmost importantly gets amazing results.



I was referred to Wade by my Physiotherapist in response to a lack of movement in my left arm and shoulder as a result of Surgery toreattach the tendon torn from the top of my shoulder.The Surgeon and another Doctor had declared the shoulder to be partially frozen 4 months afterthe operation and me being involved in an intensive rehab program throughout that period.Looking at a possible 18 months recovery , Wadeapproached me and said he thought he could overcome this lack of mobility.The results of his deep muscle intensive therapy and follow-up exerciseshave led to me having a full recovery from a serious shoulder operation after a further 4 months .I am now back at work and full credit must go toWade for this outcome. Of all the Physios ,Gym trainers, Masseuse and Acupuncturists, his techniques,due diligence and persistence paid offallowing me to enjoy the full range of movement and quality of life I have today.

Mick B

Construction Worker / Father

I met Wade 2 months ago after seeking a new alternative to my back pain caused by a car accident. At the time I had seen multiple physiotherapist over a 10 month period and felt limited relief beyond immediate consultation.Desperate to try anything, I called Wade for an appointment; Wades online reviews looked promising. Whilst my treatment continues, I have felt a improvement in overall mobility and pain. Wade has coached me through my limitations and provided guidance to "self heal" when required. The relief I recieved from weeks of agony was immediate on my first consultation with Wade and I cut my pain killer amount almost immediately. Wade is a professional who takes great pride in his work, I strongly believe the outcome I received was a result of his passion and ability to understand his clients needs. I know that I will struggle with back pain for the rest of my life, however having found a solution in Wade and his profession, I strongly believe I have the ability to not only cope but seek immediate help when I need it most.Thanks again for your help Wade see you again soon.


Entrepreneur / Statistician

I was lucky enough to fin Wade by chance and chose him based mostly on his availability and the information on the web site.Although I made my appointment specifically to supplement some physiotherapy I was having as a result of injuring my knee during a personal training session, I thought it prudent to disclose that I was having issues with my hip, ankles, shoulder and elbow and more (actually it probably would have been quicker to identify the areas that weren't experiencing pain). Wade was able to work through my long list and identified my hip as the likely cause of my knee pain and the primary area to focus on.In my first visit, Wade spent time using techniques to relax and stretch the affected tissues. I won’t lie and say that there wasn’t some pain attached to the massage but it was definitely a good hurt and the results were instantly noticeable! Wade takes the time to explain exactly what he is doing and what I should expect of the treatment – he says, ‘there must be change’. There’s homework too – Wade has given me the tools to self-release the tension in the affected areas. This, combined with the awesome massages, has allowed me to resume my normal training activities and my lists of affected areas is much shorter now. (By the way - one hour never seems long enough!)Wade is very easy to talk to and his massage techniques work for me. I recommend him to all of my friends.



“I met Wade with chronic back, neck and shoulder issues that I had been dealing with for over 10 years. I had previously seen numerous physios and massage therapists, many of whom helped in the short term but did not offer longer term solutions. Unquestionably Wade is the best therapist I have seen. His approach is different and he brings an excellent understanding of body mechanics. For me, the proof is the fact that I have been pain free since I started seeing Wade, including through periods of intense work and numerous flights – when I would otherwise have seized up. I recommend Wade without hesitation.”


Accountant / Extremely Fit Human

I started to see Wade around the start of 2017 as I had a wee shoulder issue which wouldn’t go away. Wade was able to massage the area and with ongoing maintenance and regular visits with Wade the issue is getting better where I can now raise it up with no major issues. During my visits to Wade I start to have other issues in and around my knees and legs due to training for Kokoda Challenge and Kokoda in PNG. Again with the ongoing maintenance and regular visits with Wade these issues were kept at bay and allowed me to completed the 96km challenge over a weekend and then Kokoda with a 18kg backpack in Sept. Now training for an multi day ultra in NZ in Feb this maintenance will continue to ensure the body can keep on moving along.


Project Manager / Ultra endurance athlete

I met Wade when I was training for the Sunshine Coast Half Marathon. I had trained for this race on three previous occasions; however, was unable to make the start line due to ITB issues. I started seeing Wade at the beginning of my training season in an attempt to prevent this from happening again. I saw Wade on a fortnightly basis, predominately focusing on my lower body. It is great having these regular appointments, because if any issues arose Wade was straight onto it. During my training a experienced some minor pain in the ball of my foot and although this wasn’t my original reason for seeing Wade he was able to help me with it before it became a larger concern. I am very excited to say that in 2017 I completed my first Sunshine Coast Half Marathon, completely pain free! I know this wouldn’t have been a possibility without Wade’s expert assistance.


Teacher / Runner

"When I meet Wade I was having chronic elbow and shoulder pain. Wade's treatment has been amazing his understanding of where the pain was coming from and the way he treated this has fast track my progress and makes me feel the best I have in years through my arm and shoulder. I wouldn't hesitate, and do recommend Wade constantly to other people. You will not find a better expert in Remedial massage!"


Tennis Coach

I met Wade through my trainer referring me to him after months of pain with my shoulder and bicep. An MRI some time earlier had detected a partial tear in the bicep tendon, but months after this diagnosis I was still in pain. Wade investigated the problem area and suggested that although the tear had healed, the scar tissue may be what was causing the sharp pains I was suffering. He explained that we need to open up the pathway for the tendon to move, as age and my computer work tended to close down this area. His treatment was to work on my posture. Working my shoulders back into better posture, opening up the pectoral muscles and working to get the tendon freedom to move. From the 1st session the sharp pains were diminished significantly and each session freed up the movement of my arm & shoulder. After 5 heavy treatment sessions with Wade, one night I felt my shoulder slip back into alignment. HOORAY!! We’re not quite there yet, but Wade’s helpful knowledge and explanations in layman’s terms allow me to help myself with recommended actions and his focus to get to the root of the problem have definitely improved my comfort level. I have no hesitation in recommending Wade and found his sessions extremely productive.


Business Owner/Top Bloke

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