The Broncos

The Brisbane Broncos Rugby League Football Club is commonly referred to as the Brisbane Broncos. It is a professional rugby league football club and is based in the Capital of Queensland, Brisbane which is situated at the coastline of the Brisbane River. The team is actually the pride of Queensland because of its amazing achievements. 


The rugby league football club was founded in April 1988. It is the member of National Rugby League (NRL) premiership.

The very first logo of the league was introduced during the inaugural of the league, in 1988 it was more like gold in color. The design kept being the part of the team till 1999. In 2000, a new logo with more maroon color and a line of predominant color on a team jersey was introduced which was for the association with the traditional color of the Queensland. The same design is being used for the league till date. 

The Achievements 

The Brisbane Broncos Rugby League Football Club has won six premierships along with the two New South Wales Rugby League titles as well as a Super League premiership and three National Rugby League premierships.

The league has also won multiple minor premierships during the 29 years and it is ranked as the most successful rugby league club over the past three decades which itself is a great achievement. 

Moreover, the Brisbane Broncos has been the only undefeatable league in the grand finals until 2005. It has failed to qualify for the finals only twice since 1991 making it the tough competition for the opposite leagues. 

The Failures and Comeback

1999 was a disappointing year for the team as they consecutively failed their back to back matches and ended up losing 8 out of 10 matches. As a result of the failure, the legend of the club Allan Langer retired mid-season and was it gave another shock to the team members. The misery didn’t end here and despite winning the 11-matches streak, team still lost the qualification to the finals and was defeated by the Cronulla Sharks which left the team in great disappointment but the Broncos’ were not ready to give up and that’s when they rebounded and immediately an amazing comeback in 2000 with their fifth premiership and defeated the Sydney Roosters. 

After the disappointing year, Broncos’ climbed the top of the ladder from round 4. The team has faced all the ups and downs in these years but ever since then, they have maintained their good reputation and have bagged back to back achievements as well. Even before retiring, the legend Allan Langer returned to the team just for a year in 2002.

If we talk about the recent times, the Broncos’ are on the verge of their longest premiership scarcity and they suffered around twelve seasons without winning the premiership since their last success in 2006. The fans are eager to watch the team back in form and win for the pride of Queensland. 

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