Corporate Massage that addresses the CAUSES

As I’m sure are aware, there are many benefits to having someone attend your workplace and administer massage, BUT are they addressing the WHY?

What do you mean?  Well, WHY are people tight, stiff, sore, achy, suffering from chronic pain, fatigue, repetitive strain syndromes???  WHY??

Unfortunately, Massage without addressing the context is futile.  What makes the POSTURE GUY different?

  • Corporate Massage with a difference
  • Postural Assessments, Ergonomics on steroids, to put in frankly we don’t know what good POSTURE is.  The POSTURE GUY changes that.
  • Education, workshops, assessments, classes, in-house massage. (corporate massage)
  • Postural specific Massage, releasing areas in the body that become inherently tight as a result of staring (sitting) in front of a screen for 8+hours per day.

Do you know how to STAND? what about SIT?

Over the years I have become aware of the ever-increasing roll out of STAND UP DESKS.  Which is great, however one observation I have made is, the lack of education of how USE a stand-up desk.

The overwhelming feedback from my clients is that they get dropped off and set up and that’s about it.  One is left to their own devices, no instruction or advice is given on how to use one, eg. how often to sit then stand, not to mention how to adjust one’s posture during sitting or standing.

I guess we are always looking for a magic bullet, but in this case there is a gigantic ‘elephant’ in the room, which is POSTURE.

Typically if you don’t have great posture seated, you won’t have great posture when you stand.

The lofty dream

The idea that rolling out STAND UP DESKS to solve postural problems is really optimistic, to say the least.

Unless POSTURE is addressed, Stand up desks will introduce another ‘raft’ of problems.

The POSTURE GUY has a lofty dream and that is to educate and raise awareness on how to sit and stand.

How to release tight muscles and how to strengthen (activate) weak muscles.

We run workshops and classes, conduct assessments, and lastly, provide Corporate Massage (with a twist)

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