What is the process?

The process is all about understanding you, your story, your pain and how it is impacting your life

We aim to get you back to your best as quickly as possible, we aim to get you out of PAIN asap!  Our goal is to get to the root of the problem and the get result you are searching for.

We perform quick biomechanical tests, to identify imbalances, compensations, kinks, biases, with the goal of collecting mulitple pieces of data (which will then guide us to our goal)


The quick assessment could involve the following

  • How you walk (Gait Analysis)
  • How you stand (Posture Analysis)
  • How you sit (Posture Analysis)
  • Muscle tests (To identify imbalances)
  • Ranges of movements your joints can perform

The assessment is a quick snapshot of the lay of the land.

Where to?

We will break down and unpack what is required to get you PAIN FREE and back to your best ASAP

We will explain the patterns you are wound up in, the reason why you are suffering from your pain, and then artiulate the PATH FORWARD

We provide exercize videos and ongoing email support to provide you with a clear framework that will guide you back to your best.

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