The Story Bridge

The operation and construction of the Story Bridge started back in the mid-1940s and this was about five years after development initiated. Basically, the Story Bridge was one of the three noteworthy open works ventures, making long periods of work for some men amid the Great Depression.

This long haul project of the Story Bridge took about five years to develop, one year longer than expected. The consultant engineer was Dr. John Bradfield. The amount of work and efforts achieved on this huge project can be evaluated by the fact that there were about 600 working illustrations designed by the planning team before executing the construction process. 


The Story Bridge connects Fortitude Valley to Kangaroo Point and carries vehicles, pedestrians and bicycle traffic making it the longest cantilever bridge in Australia. Ever since its birth, it has been carrying 97,000 vehicles per day. It has been a great connecting medium for the trolley buses that were operated by the Brisbane City Council in 1969. This massive bridge is painted every seven years and it requires around 17500 liters of paint. Yes, you heard it right! There are roughly 105000 square meters of painted steel surfaces. 


Climbing the Great Story Bridge is one of the biggest adventures of Queensland, Australia and people from all over the world gather there especially on the New Year’s Eve to enjoy the fireworks and catch the bird’s eye view of the city of Brisbane and the Brisbane River. 

Tourists who visit Australia must add climbing the Story Bridge in their to-do-lists as it is worth experience either by walking, cycling or using any other vehicle. It is one of the most happening places of Queensland and climbing the bridge to catch the 360° view of Brisbane city, Brisbane River and the Moreton Bay islands are completely worth it. 


There are a number of restaurants right under the bridge that serve you the most delicious menu all week long. Some of the famous restaurants near the Story Bridge include Mirchi Healthy Indian, Summer House Restaurant, Deery's Restaurant, Tuppy’s and many more. 

The Story Bridge Hotel 

The famous Story Bridge hotel holds an extraordinary place in the hearts of the Australians and guests from all over the world. A huge number of people from all over the world visit this wonderful place which is home to the Australian events. So, you can enjoy the quality time over there along with some delicious cuisine. C

The Tough and Robust Story Bridge is the iconic destination of Queensland. Climbing the top of the bridge gives this soothing and fascinating bird’s eye view of the city, river and the Moreton Bay islands. Both the History and the Present of this bridge has made it a must-visit place in Queensland and it has been serving the people steadily since its birth.

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