Traffic in Brisbane

One of those most happening cities in Australia and the Capital of Queensland. Brisbane is often called Brissie by the Aussies. Being the center of attention for the tourists it is a crowded region and thousands of people visit this city situated at the coastline of the Brisbane River. Thus, the traffic conditions in the city are also debatable. 

Public Transport in Brisbane 

Having all the beautiful places and numerous educational points, there are a lot of visitors in the city and they find it quite easy to move around the city because of the amazing public transportation services introduced by the Brisbane City Council. 

The Bus projects include Brisbane Metro, iconic CityCat that include SpeedyCats and CityFerry network and others that are the ultimate solution for the choked situations of the traffic in the city.

Parking in Brisbane 

There are two huge car parks in the Central Business District (CBD) that are responsible for regulating the vehicle parking in the city of Brisbane. The rules and regulations are pretty strict and a handsome fine is charged for violating the predefined rules.

This too is for the sake of better traffic conditions so that the running traffic doesn’t get affected by the illegal parking anywhere and everywhere. 

Brisbane City Council Roads and Transport Projects 

The Brisbane City Council has introduced numerous projects to tackle the congested situation of the traffic in the city that makes it hectic for both the tourists and the inhabitants.  

1. Move Safe Brisbane 

The move safe Brisbane pedestrian project was initiated to make the transportation easy for the people. The project consultation started on the 31st of July and lasted till the end of August, the idea was to collect the feedback from the people all over the city to generate the best end results for their safety. 

Finally, the project report was recently released in December 2018 based on the feedback collected through the consultation process. The main purpose is to start constructing the safer walkways for the pedestrians and cyclists and solve the major issue by making it safe for the people to walk and ride in Brisbane. 

2. Bikeway and Pathway Projects 

The Brisbane City Council has always been concerned about the traffic solutions for both the riders and drivers, including the pedestrians. Back in 2016, a project for a better way of transportation was introduced and by this Better Bikeways 4 Brisbane program the council invested around $100 million for the next four years and the idea was to make the access to the local destinations and CBD easier and convenient. 

The Council’s investment of $220 million proved to be a smart move and since 2008 it has really improved cycling networks across all the city making the infrastructure even more pleasant and peaceful. 

The traffic conditions of any city go hand in hand with the traffic regulations as well as the parking rules. Brisbane City Council has always been keen to achieve the best solutions for the traffic conditions of the city and has completed numerous projects to maintain a better state of affairs of the traffic in the city.

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