5 Tips to relieve neck pain

Suffering from Neck Pain?

What to do when you can’t make it into your local Remedial Massage Clinic?

5 Tips to that will help!

Tip 1.  Heat!! Use either a heat pack, hot shower, soak in the bath.  Heat improves circulation/blood flow which aids in providing nutrition to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, (the whole body).  Improved circulation also enables removal of waste products such as metabolic waste and lactic acid.

Tip 2. Release your upper traps, those pesky upper traps are always tight and overactive, use your fave stretch or use a ball and trigger point, head over to my video here:

Tip 3. Improve your posture, if you are sitting in front of a computer, there is no doubt your posture will be impacted.  A quick hack, improve your posture = reduced neck pain (simple)..  I have a video here that has a few basic queues on how to adjust your posture, check it out

Tip 4. Drink loads of h20 / Water, no one likes a well-done piece of steak, our bodies are kind of like steak too.  To stay hydrated = medium rare (all day).

Tip 5.  Lastly, get a movement practice going, eg, find a good PT, gym, yoga school, pilates class or go for a walk.  The key is to move, moving hands on is food for the soul.

Good luck,

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