Weather in Brisbane

The weather in Brisbane is warm and humid most of the year. The rainy season is during the summers. The rain can be awe-inspiring with dramatic thunderstorms making the monsoons quite dramatic and amazing

Yes, it is true! The weather in Brisbane is always warm and hot during most of the year making 28000 hours of sunshine annually. Well, that actually is a plus point especially for the tourists coming from the cooler areas who rarely get to witness summers and sunshine back home. The three hottest months of the year for the city of Brisbane are December, January, and February and it is often impossible to survive without the air conditioners. 


Being the city on the coastline of the River, Brisbane is humid and sticky. The climate here is wet and it is highly recommended to stay hydrated as much as you can. 

The four seasons in Brisbane 

Being a warm country, it is quite obvious that seasons other than summers are not too extreme in Brisbane but they still get to enjoy the essence of all four seasons. 

Summers in Brisbane 

The summers in the city of Brisbane starts from December and lasts till the end of February and these three months are the hottest time of the year for the inhabitants making the things work only with having the air conditioners along. The average temperature in these months ranges between 21 to 29°C while the afternoons are the hottest of all. The greater number of rainfalls are expected in summers and the average rainfall is 426.6 mm (16.8"). 

Autumn in Brisbane 

Autumn is finally relief from the hot summers and it starts in March and lasts till the end of May. The temperature is dropped and range between 15 to 25°C. This is the season of fall is less humid and there is less number of rains expected in these months. 

Winter in Brisbane 

Cold? Not that much. Still the winters are dry and cold as compared to rest of the year. The winters in Brisbane starts from June and lasts fill the end of August. The average temperature in ranges between 11 to 21°C letting the people enjoy this rare and most wanted time of the year especially for the inhabitants. 

Spring in Brisbane 

The favorite and most beloved season by the people all around the globe is Spring because of its colors, calmness, and moderate temperature. Brisbane gets to enjoy this season from the month of September to November. Spring is quite similar to autumn in Brisbane and the temperature ranges between 15 to 25° C making it the pleasant yet colorful and fresh season of the year. 

The cities that are situated by the coastline of the rivers are most likely to have humidity and warmth in their weathers. Being one of those riverside cities, Brisbane is humid and warm during most of the year but still, it witnesses all four seasons and it’s all worth it by the end when you still can enjoy and make most out of the city. 

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