What are the Remedial Massage Techniques

There are a number of techniques that Remedial Massage Therapists use daily in the Massage Clinic. However, the primary techniques are as follows:

Deep Tissue – As the name implies it is a deep, firm type of technique that is not for the faint-hearted, typically Deep Tissue Massage is used to break up tight and stiff muscles that have become almost stuck together. The strokes can be fast and slow, the theme, however, is ‘Deep’ is the operative word.

Myofascial Release – Is a common technique that was made popular in the 70’s from a form of Bodywork called ‘Rolfing’ named after Ida Rolf, which was inspired by the old Osteopaths. This technique is much slower and does not use a lot of oil, instead balm is used to provide a slight slide on the skin. The goal of this technique is to target the fascia in the body which is called connective tissue.
The client is commonly asked to move whilst the stroke is being applied, an example of this is, as the technique is applied to the calf, the client is asked to move their foot up and down for the duration of the stroke.

Muscle Energy Techniques ‘MET’ – This technique is a type of stretch that is performed, however the difference is that the client is instructed to gently contract and resist against the stretch, and when the client relaxes the stretch is further enhanced, hence creating more of a stretch, this technique is used to gently mobilize tight and stiff muscles

Dry Needling – This technique is used by a wide number of therapists, not such Remedial Massage Therapists but physios, chiros, and osteos. The goal of Dry Needling is to release tight and stiff muscles by placing a needle into trigger points, which are commonly called ‘knots’ in the muscles.

If you are curious about what techniques your Remedial Massage does, maybe touch base with them, send them an email and ask, I am sure they would be more than happy to elaborate on what particular Remedial Massage Techniques they are performing during a session.

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