What is the difference between Remedial Massage and Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage generally is associated with relaxation type massage and is usually performed in Day Spas or Beauty Salons.

Swedish Massage Therapists cannot offer rebates via HICAPS as it is not recognized by the major Health Funds such as Medibank, BUPA, AHM, NIB, HCF etc.

Swedish Massage is typically a certificate and not a Diploma, and in some cases can be obtained very quickly in a matter of a few weekend intensives.

Swedish Massage Therapists use a very flowing type of stroke with a lot of oil, they can be described as gliding, soft to medium pressure flowing strokes, that aim to relax the client and stimulate blood flow and sometimes lymph flow

Swedish Massage is very popular at various health retreats and Spas and can be a great way to de-stress, unwind and relax. There have been many studies conducted all around the world to show that Swedish Massage can lower stress levels.

The major difference between Remedial Massage and Swedish Massage are the following:
Remedial Massage is a Diploma Qualification where is Swedish is a certificate
You can claim via HICAPS with Remedial Massage where as with Swedish Massage you cannot.
Remedial Massage takes a very clinical view on the session with the client with the aim to design a specific treatment plan tailored to the individual to assist with an injury, accident, trauma or the likes, where as Swedish is more suited to relaxation.
It is quicker to obtain the Swedish Massage Certificate than the Diploma in Remedial Massage.

It all depends on what you are looking for when trying to decide between Remedial Massage and Swedish Massage and what your goals or objectives are.

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